K9 Friends is a non-profit shelter that rescues abandoned dogs and finds them loving new homes.

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K9 Friends is a non-profit shelter that rescues abandoned dogs and finds them loving new homes.

Call us on 04 887 87 39 or 050 274 19 49 for more information or to make an appointment to come and see us.

We purposely don't advertise our location map. We are run entirely by volunteers and so can be short-staffed on some days. We don't want you to drive all the way out to us and we not be able to handle your requests. Please call our office to make an appointment and we'll be happy to give you direction to our location.

04 887 87 39

Have you always loved dogs and wished you could have one of your own but circumstances don't permit? Then look no further!

It costs, on average, Dhs 2,500 per year for K9 to keep a dog at the kennels, vet bills, any medication, food etc. Our facility we have operates on donations, fund raising etc., and this is where you could help.

For Dhs 350 a year, you could sponsor one of our dogs, for yourself or as a gift for someone else. We will initially send you a certificate, photo and profile of your dog and then send regular updates, two or three times a year to keep you informed on how your dog and life at the kennels progresses. You will also receive invitations to any Open Days we have to give you the opportunity to come and meet your new friend face to face.

Donating Dhs. 1,000, will cover of the costs of keeping a dog in one of our kennels for a full year. We do receive help from our sponsors with food and the medical treatment, but still, it is never enough and with more dogs added to our records every month, every cent that comes to us is greatly appreciated.

Your name or your company's name will appear on a board on the Dog's Kennel

If you would like to help us financially by participating in our Sponsor a Kennel or Sponsor a Dog Programs, please contact our office on 04 - 885 80 31 to express your interest.

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