Welcome to Godiva Manor... where we're still deliciously naughty & wickedly sexy!

Lady Godiva Delights

@@@@@@@@@@@ PUBLIC NOTICE @@@@@@@@@@@@
DO NOT like our page if you are under 21, if you're are here to impose your values on others, if you are here to spread hatred or if you intend to report something here. THERE IS NOTHING HERE FOR YOU! If you see something here that you wish you hadn't seen, just forget we exist and carry on and leave us alone. No one has forced you to be here. If somehow you have seen a pic from our page and you are NOT subscribed to our page, then you should look at YOUR friend that "liked" our posting. We do not seek out the weak and post on your wall, your friends have brought you here by liking our post. SO re-evaluate YOUR F*CKING FRIENDS LIST if you were brought here by a post on your wall. Many times its YOU that has clicked like on the page, perhaps by mistake. If you are here and cant find the unlike button we would be happy happy happy to nuke you so you never see our page again, just let us know!

IF YOU DO LIKE THIS PAGE, Please be an adult. Behaving like an adult is a requirement, though we KNOW we post some sh!t that makes us lose a little control too! Seriously though, we EXPECT YOU to treat others as if you were speaking to them in person. Hiding behind your screen and making snide remarks gets you banned. If you wish to disagree, do so and explain your view point and if done respectfully, your comment and you get to stay. Doing so DISrespectfully gets you banned. Coming here and complaining about the posts," he has too many tattoos" or "she has too small of breasts" gets you banned. Dont like it, dont comment. It's easy.

Lord & Lady Godiva, (and admins) preside over Godiva Manor. Here almost anything goes within the realms of all that is decadent, deviant and deliciously lascivious. Guests are always welcome at Godiva Manor which is famous for its exotic and erotic parties, humor and of course its dungeons where naughty guests are punished for all manner of indiscretions. We have only 1 GOLDEN RULE: DO NOT DISRESPECT our relationship, we do NOT share the other - in any way..

If you revel in the unusual, kinky sex, open and adult conversation about such topics you are most welcome as our friends.

Lord & Lady Godiva

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July 11, 20011

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