This is an Infantry page by Infantry for Infantry. If you dont like the content, we don't give a shit. Fit in or move your ass out ~Whiskey. If you move out, fuk off too ~Corleone. Dont forget to fuk yourself with a donkey dick ~HADES. 'Murica. ~FADNET

Page is run by several 11B/Cs, 1991 to present. Read the "General Information" Section for rules.
Note: We like women on this page. In fact, we love them. You should see some of the tail they pull.

POGs are welcome at their own risk also.

March 12th, 2012

General info

A. If you are anti-freedom, anti-America, or anti-Infantry in any way you will be blocked. Go fuck yourself.

B. Spamming this page will get you blocked. To delineate our definition of spam: any shit that doesn't belong here (like links to army wives pages, unless it's to mock them). Do not post any links to any other pages unless you have asked an admin via private message.

C. Try to stay away from politics, unless it has a direct effect on the military, the army, and/or the infantry. This rules will probably bent in the coming months as we get closer to election-time.

D. Rank is irrelevant on here. We don't want to know. Experience and Common Sense are the only things that matter. Any rank-pulling will result in the immediate Ban Hammer of Doom.

E. This is not an “infantry-support” page. This is an infantry page. This is a place where infantry hang out and talk shit, ask for advice, get advice, and generally do shit that might offend others. If you don’t like it, Jesus made an “Unlike” button for a reason. Go fucking click it and stay the fuck away from here.

F. All are welcome, but be aware that there is a pecking order.
1. Admin/god (and we are all qualified as number 2)
2. Multiple-deployed infantry
3. Single-deployed infantry
4. Those who have gone before (read: old-timer infantry, non-deployed, for without you, we would have no army to serve in).
6. Deployed combat medics
7. Deployed, non-Fobbit POGs
8. Fobbits
9. Non-deployed infantry
10. POG friends of infantry
11. Cherry infantry
12. Family and friends of infantry
13. Civilians
14. Cherry POGs
15. Basic and AIT cherries (to cover all MOSs), and why would you even be on Facebook in Basic anyways?
16. Way-too-“Hooah,” Pre-army DEP members
17. Cadets
18. Call of Duty high-schoolers

1. Admin/god is the only "rank" relevant on here. We don’t do rank on Facebook.

2-5. Talk as much shit as you want.

6-7. Talk as much shit as you want, but don't get butthurt, and remember, when it all boils down, you're still a POG.

8. Yeah, yeah, you deployed, but only barely, and we don’t care how many rockets you heard go off. That said, we do appreciate you backing us up, but aside from an occasional incoming round, you weren’t in any danger. Just sayin’.

9-11. Know your place. Be respectful of those who have gone before. If you have a legit question, post it and you’ll likely get some solid advice.

10-13. Feel free to post on here, especially those who support us. But don’t come to our page to start trouble.

That said, as much trashing of the civilians as we do on here, it’s not ALL civilians, and in fact, it’s not even MOST civilians. But it only takes a few ungrateful shitheads to ruin it for everyone, and honestly, there are more than a few of them running around in the civilian populace.

That aside, we (as the Infantry, the Army, and the Military) are eternally grateful to those civilians who stand with us and support us. And you are always welcome here.

14-17. Should probably never post on here ever. If you have a question about the infantry, message an admin and we will get back to you.


F. Any derogatory statement made about the Lone Star State shall be cause for an immediate ban. - UpChuck

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