I'm Different

Sometimes I am funny and cheeky , but usually slightly off centre. If I am your friend, I am a friend for life. I believe in loyalty, honesty and integrity...and if you bring 'em, they will be returned ten fold...I appreciate and value transparency in all my dealings with all people. I try really hard not to have expectations of anyone.....that way I am not surprised, hurt or disappointed when let down.

Sadly, even though I truly don't care what others think of me, my defences lately have constantly broken down and my resolve really put to the test. Its not what's said that bothers me, its that glaring realisation that others need to belittle you or make a joke at your expense to make themselves feel important or better than anyone else. That's what really gets to me......go figure.

Believing that most people are capable of change and will do what is right is what gives me the strength and the courage to get up in the mornings and get on with living......Life has it's moments, both good, bad and in-between. It's how you tackle and face them that will make all the difference. You just have to be open and receptive to what comes your way. Don't let fear or the worry of what others might say stop you from asking for help when and if you should need it.....

Talking and engaging with anyone who's different from me is something I really enjoy and relish. I respect everyone's right to their own opinions, however if you try to ram them down my throat I will be quick to let you know just what I think!

I swear.....a lot.....however, that does not mean I am crass or rude or uneducated....it just means I use a larger, more varied vocabulary than the average individual. I find certain swear words are better able to describe someone or something, situations or scenarios etc, etc in a way that words plucked from a dictionary could not! It also has a lot to do with the enunciation of a strategically placed swear word when trying to deal with overzealous and mind-numbingly stupid people!! I try my hardest never to inflict my particular preference for this vernacular on any one....unless of course you get in my face.....or you fall into the above category.....you have been warned!!

For me, the quest for knowledge and the meaning of life is a road best travelled with others..... I still have so much to learn and to give.....and am open to another's interpretation of where and what the meaning of it all may be......

So, please feel free to share. To speak out loud and lend your voice to my page.....no judgement or prejudice here....just an open mind and an open heart.....and a love and appreciation for who and what you are......

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