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Can you see the problem here? #Ferguson
Can you see the problem here? #Ferguson by digby This is the mayor of Ferguson responding to questions: He was asked about the officer who ...
Love It Or Leav…Well, You May Not Live Here, But You Can See What I’m Driving At
Shorter Shmuel Rosner : I’m not saying that liberal Zionists should refrain from criticizing the military and foreign policies of the Israeli ...
ABC 7 program note: When you can see Thursday's preempted ABC prime-time shows
Here's when you can watch Thursday night's shows on ABC 7. NY Med, Fri. 8/8, 2:35-3:30 a.m. The Quest, Sat. 8/9, 4:00-5:00 a.m. Rookie Blue, ...
5 Man-Made Things You Can See from Space
Which of mankind’s marvels can we actually spot from the final frontier? This question calls for a little perspective. Space is big.
You Can See Jena Malone & The Shoe Live for Free Tomorrow Night!
... in Los Angeles! “LA! We’re excited to play @kcrw’s FREE @c0mmunitymusic night at the @hammer_museum this Thurs” the band tweeted . If you’re ...
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