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Patty Barry
at Dec 19, 2014 4:24:35 PM
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Vincent Guarino shared Living On A Dime's status update.
at Dec 19, 2014 4:24:24 PM
Living On A Dime
From Pattie: Looking for some help. My grandson was send home today with lice. Does any have a home remedy that works? Thanks.

Ok guys you always have good ideas! Any suggestions??
Kathy Cox shared a link.
at Dec 19, 2014 4:22:23 PM
#FireJohnBoehner Challenge to elect a NEW Speaker of the House
You have heard of the #IceBucket Challenge, now join the #FireJohnBoehner Challenge. Here's the rules... 1. State your name and mention the #FireJohnBoehner ...
Purna Chandra
at Dec 19, 2014 4:20:03 PM
Sama rice patties recipe

Take 1 cup sama rice and cook it in 2 cup water. Take one mixing bowl add cooked sama rice, 1 boiled potato, salt, crushed ginger chilli, crushed roasted peanuts, lemon juice, coriander leaves mix it well then make the shape u want then shallow fry it. Hare Krishna.
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Sangita Singh commented at Dec 19, 2014 4:22:54 PM
        really very nice recipe, thanks.
Summerfield Farms
at Dec 19, 2014 4:17:17 PM
Day 10! All In2Green Blankets & Baby Hat/Sock Sets are 25% off! Hamburger Patties are 25% off, too.
Sandi Patty
at Dec 19, 2014 4:17:09 PM

Cruising with Sandi and her friends in February of 2016 will be an extraordinary experience in itself! However, this cruise will also celebrate a very important event. The 35th Anniversary of the Grammy and Dove Award winning song "Via Dolorosa" (the classic solo by Sandi Patty) is coming up. To celebrate this milestone, we are putting together a "Via Dolorosa" Anniversary Choir. Participating in this choir will include exclusive opportunities throughout the week, culminating in the recording and performance of a new, spectacular arrangement of "Via Dolorosa" by David Clydesdale. Check out what is included and click the link below for more info - Team Sandi

- Participate in the recording choir with Sandi on the 35th anniversary of "Via Dolorosa"!
- Sing on the world premiere recording of a brand-new Travis Cottrell worship song!
- Receive a free souvenir edition of the recording!
- Sing in concert on the cruise with Sandi, Travis Cottrell, and many of your favorite Christian artists that will be joining the cruise!
- Attend a one-hour exclusive Master's Class with Sandi (limited to the first 150 choir registrants-first come, first serve)!
- Enjoy inspiring and motivational worship times and fellowship with other choir members, praise team members and church music directors from all across America!
- ParticipateThe choir will be directed by Dove Award Winning Producer/Composer Phil Barfoot!

Cruise/Choir Info here -
Sandi Patty & Friends - Christian Cruise to the Caribbean - February 20-27, 2016
Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a Christian travel management company specializing in group travel experiences for Christian ministries and churches since 1981. As seasoned travel advisors, we partner with ministry and church leaders to prepare once-in-a-lifetime Christian cruises and Christian tours…
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Carla Jo Herd commented at Dec 19, 2014 4:23:53 PM
        Oh this sounds wonderful.....More Than Wonderful!
Eduardo Emilio Benard
at Dec 19, 2014 4:05:23 PM
VICENTE - LAS MAÑANITAS! To Patty: I wish u all the best on this day for u! Here is a video for u to enjoy! Happy Birthday! Eduardo E Benard.
Veronica Salter shared a link.
at Dec 19, 2014 4:05:17 PM
Healthy Quinoa Patties
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Carla Rae Garcia commented at Dec 19, 2014 4:06:37 PM
        Ok now im hungry lol
Patty Greene
at Dec 19, 2014 4:01:27 PM
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Pattie Elizabeth shared Higher Perspective's video: The Owl That Loves To Be Caressed.
at Dec 19, 2014 4:00:16 PM
The Owl That Loves To Be Caressed
I could watch this little guy alllllll day :)
Pattie Handy shared Car Throttle's video.
at Dec 19, 2014 4:00:08 PM

The mother of all Hot Wheels tracks!
Car Throttle
Justin Calabraro shared Meanwhile In America's photo.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:59:22 PM
Pattie Hurst Guerriero us all the way
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Pattie Hurst Guerriero commented at Dec 19, 2014 4:02:39 PM
        True story!!!!
Mark H Edwards
at Dec 19, 2014 3:57:56 PM
At primary school: - an icy mint was 1 cent - a fudge was 5 cents - free vegetable patties - free cows milk, cherry milk - free uniform material

Walking through the malls in Constant Spring at Christmas, lighting sparkles. The song "Arlene a musi dream yu deh dream"

Far less crime and poverty;
Ring Ding when it was in black and white, or Colgate Cavity Fighters club. Sunday Matinee in black and white.

Running between the roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, scrambler and bumper cars at Coconut Park.

J.O.S. buses.

Paper fifty cents.

"Hello, my name is Tamara Dobson ... even though you may know me as Cleopatra Jones."

The radio soap opera "Dulcemina"
CeeBert. Toppsi and Epiphany night clubs. A.P.I. TV programming, shortly followed by JAMAL - Into the Light.

When splinter was called grass bottle and mirror was looking glass.

When travelling after SIX, the only thing to be afraid of was DUPPY!

When people went to parties to dance with each other, not to cut a pose.

When school children looked like scholars.

The "Fortunes of Floralee" radio soap opera.

"Please ah beggin u sumting for mi two kids dem mam" ... "JUDITH!!? JUDITH SMITH, the maths brains from Primary school who used to help me?!"

Schools Challenge Quiz with Dennis Hall (or Dennis Hall himself for that matter!)

Fun-For-All video game house.

Ina Pine's weather forecasts: Kingston, 85 degrees and sunny; Montego Bay, 85 degrees and sunny, Negril 85 degrees; Port Antonio, 85 degrees and sunny; Spanish Town, 85 degrees and sunny; Mandeville, 70 degrees and partly cloudy".


The New Market floods.

Shouting repeatedly at the tuck-shop: "One patty an' coco-bread an' a box juice an' a drops!", until you were acknowledged. Buying paradise plum, icy mint, sky juice, suck-suck or busta through the fence.

Black Heart man stories. Anansi and Bredda Rabbit stories.

The Back Tax Axe TV commercials. Lawd, Ah confused "... Ello, Carltons..."

Shelly-Ann Jeans: No one can, like Shelly-Ann. When "Roaches" were the shoe fashion; a "Napoleon" was the hair style choice for guys (who could grow enough hair)

"Big League Football" on Sunday afternoons.

Peter Red and Peter Blue

Sleeping one night when the father vision Iya, said a want you to be anodda followa of I ... (Ras Karbi) Long haired freaky people need not apply.

Red Floor polish and coconut brush.

GBs and Bata Hurricanes

Car sweetie and ju-jup

1 cent bus fare, 2 cent bus fare, 5 cent bus fare

Bullo slush at primary school; snow cone, then later sky juice

Transparent burgundy lipstick and Theons
54 nail polish (ask any woman over 36!)

The revolving Craven 'A' box at Tom Redcam Avenue and Old Hope Road. The Kentucky 'turtle' building in Cross Roads

"Getting up Harry? Yes ma ... Lawd a still tiyad ... too much party las’ night. Suh what a mus tek? Andrews of course ...

When "T" shirt was called ganzee and soda "airated wata"; maskita one, maskita two, maskita jump inna hot callaloo

In the middle of a fight "HOT PATTY, HOT PATTY box it nuh if yu brave"

"I'm a Horlicks kid, soon I'll be Horlicks big ..."

Pass the dutchie pan di lef' han' side ...

King Kong, (especially the wicked real orange juice version of King Kong); plus kisko pops and 1/2 pint cherry milk

"Spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can"

"Love is all I bring, inna mi khaki suit an ting" - Inna mi diamond socks and ting - Uptown Top Ranking

Lets not forget those good ole days in Jamaica.
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Memaw Hesse shared Terri Barrows's photo.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:56:31 PM
Anita Yarbrough Kelsey Montgomery Pattie Reynolds Ann Woolley Brooklyn Nicole Hessenflow Sherri Fletcher Brown Terrie Hessenflow Faith Elaine Gasaway Regina Winders Kim Patton Lloyd Erica Hope Strickland Stanford
Mobile Uploads
With Amber Oglesby and 20 others.
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Kelsey Montgomery commented at Dec 19, 2014 3:58:09 PM
        Back at you. Love you. See you Sunday
Pattie Elizabeth shared a link.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:55:19 PM
Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender [Trailer]
Winner of the Interntional Emmy for Best Arts Programme DVD: Blu-Ray: Digital F...
Mary Bauer shared Lindsay Slaughter Grey's video.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:51:47 PM

Rebel ID# 3048. What a sweetheart he is! He loves attention and is friendly, gentle and affectionate. He looks to be around 1-2 years old and weighs about 65 lbs. He was found on Deerskin in Satsuma and is located at Putnam County Animal Control in Palatka Fl where his time is quickly running out at this high kill shelter! Please help save this handsome boy! Amanda Selk Charlie Aller Spradling Berry Norris Lori Berry Sherry Eckman Katie Snell Ginger White Summer Swindell Kathy Burnett Jamie Johnson Pattie Brown Binda Christine Rominger Pookeybj Tillman Brenda Grinnell Bellar
Phyllis Cantrell shared Hillbilly Yummy Recipes's photo.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:49:48 PM
Timeline Photos
1lb. ground beef
1 egg
1/3 cup bread crumbs
1/2tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. onion powder
1 clove garlic minced
1tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1tbsp. oil
1 1/2 cup thinly sliced onion
2tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 cup beef broth
1/2tsp. salt
In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce. Form into thick patties.
Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Fry the patties and onion in the oil until patties are nicely browned. Remove the beef patties to a plate, and keep warm.
Sprinkle flour over the onions and drippings in the skillet. Stir in flour with a fork, scraping bits of beef off of the bottom as you stir. Gradually mix in the beef broth. Season with seasoned salt. Simmer and stir over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes, until the gravy thickens. Turn heat to low, return patties to the gravy, cover, and simmer for another 15 minutes. Serve with a big bowl of mashed potatoes — with Tina M Bell and 2 others.
Somya Mittal
at Dec 19, 2014 3:40:59 PM
Watch "Peas Rice Patties" on YouTube - Peas Rice Patties:
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John Nelson
at Dec 19, 2014 3:38:01 PM
this mite be LOLA and Pattie just ask LaDonna Faye Beard and Sarah Jones-cox
Menopausal Women at the Mall
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and SO accurate!!!
Patty Trout Benton
at Dec 19, 2014 3:35:17 PM
Patty earned some Holiday Points!
Patty wants to share some Holiday Points with you!
Dolores Shay shared Shara Morrison's photo.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:32:35 PM
Timeline Photos
Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

1 pound lean ground beef (sirloin)
1 (10-ounce) can cream of mushroom soup, divided
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/4 cup chopped onions
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
1 (8-ounce) package sliced fresh mushrooms
2 cups low-sodium beef broth
1 (1.2-ounce) packet McCormick (or any brand) brown gravy mix

In a large bowl, combine beef, 1/4 can mushroom soup, bread crumbs, egg, onions, minced garlic, and seasonings. Mix thoroughly and shape into 4 oval patties. If you find that your patties are too lose and wet you can add a little more breadcrumbs ...but not too much. Heat olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter in large skillet over medium-high heat. Brown patties on both sides and transfer to a plate.

Add remaining butter and saute mushrooms for 7 to 8 minutes. Add beef stock and whisk in gravy mix until smooth. Stir in remaining mushroom soup. You can add up to a 1/4 more broth for thinner gravy. Return patties to skillet and spoon gravy over top. Cover pan and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes.

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Jeanette Scolaro Pichler commented at Dec 19, 2014 3:46:39 PM
        Delores, it looks like a winner for a card club dinner! Didn't know I was a poet as well as a cook did you?
Becky Whitfield Swopes
at Dec 19, 2014 3:31:29 PM
Cowboys special today 12/19/2014. Is. Salmon patties. Oven browned potatoes. Choice of baked beans or peas
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Marty's Vegan Fast Foods shared an event.
at Dec 19, 2014 3:13:35 PM
Please join us tonight for our last night at Brooklyn Pop-Up Market at Bat Haus Coworking Space Burgers & gluten-free Crabby Patties are on the menu! Warm up with Marty's Spiced Cider while you shop and enjoy some great local music.

279 Starr Street
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Take the L to Jefferson Street!
John W. Neely
at Dec 19, 2014 3:03:16 PM
From The " Lingerie Files" of Cheryl Ann Murphy, Michelle Palmer, Michelle LeBlanc Cook, Kelle Tallman Laws, Charlene Kelley, Kelley Washburn, Kelly Rippa, Kelly Riley, Kelly Hayes Demartinis, Kelly Favreau Cooper, Charlene Brown, Michelle Favreau, Michelle Essary, Michelle Allen, Lisa Wood, Lisa Moore, Lisa De La Garza, Lisa M. Jacobsen, Lisa Smith, Lisa Ruggiero, Lisa Cellucci Pavone, Melissa Aponte, Melissa Vaughn, Melissa Landry Ware, Melissa Morasse, Melissa Fraser Coppola, Melissa Sabatino, Jacqui Porter Collins, Jacquie Earle-Coppola, Lola Domino, Dominique Earle-Coppola, Suzanne Hill, Suzanne Cummings, Suzanne Bushell Vieira, Susan Hanrahan, Susan Sinofsky-Surabian, Susan Buckner, Susan Treacy Daley, Susan Belanger Giarolo, Joanie Salvato Arenburg, Joanie Caira, Wendy Caira, Lolita Lopez, Sharon Lee Ford, Lee Ann Kroll Black, Ruby Lee, Lee Love Wester, Lee Arnold, Sharon Mcintire, Sharon Connolly, Sharon Bruce, Chunis Sheila, Julie M. Davis, Julie Casello O'Neil, Julie Wilcutt, Julia Kim Reddeman, Julia Myers, Kimberly Blackburn, Kimberly Hanks, Kimberly Andreozzi, Kim Bradley, Kim Scaltreto, Kim Shuffield-Johnson, Kim Munroe Arcese, Kim Orsini, Joanne Rivers, Joanne Licarie, Joann Rogers, Joanne O'reilly, Jo-Anne Kazules-Blum, Dawn Gidjet Holmes, Dawn Thackeray, Tabatha Dawn, Nancy Connearney, Nancy Olden, Nancy Kenney, Nancy Boisseau, Nancy Hale, Nancy Gentile Steele, Nancy Pellegrini, Ann IE, Ann Damico, Ann Green, Anne-Marie Pelly, Anne Swartz, Lynne Palmer-Panno, Lynne Welty, Lynne Alessio, Alessandra Santiago, Lynne Cognito, Lynn A Woods, Lynn Anderson Lewellen, Lynn Walsh, Janet Galvin Forte, Janet Freniere, Maureen Crowley Haley, Hayley Powell, Maureen Duffy-Burrows, Maureen Fiume, Maureen Ahearn Salazar, Maurene Graham, Hope Nicholson Bruce, Gigi McMahon, Connie Raposo, Connie Mason, Kerry Bolden, Kerry Papia, Missy Lyons, Margaret McClellan, Amanda Babs, Amanda Ortiz, Sherryl Rosenberg, Sherry Leverett, Sherry Grant Wentworth, Marianne Hightman, Maria DePasquale, Maria Albano, Mariah Mathes, Marianne Milner, Maria Ramirez, Maria Rosati, Maria Scudieri, and .......... Patty Ryan Nickelson
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Riverlodge Backpackers
at Dec 19, 2014 3:00:01 PM
Best Burger Spots in and around Cape Town:
Where to find the best buns (minds out of the gutter!) and patties in the Mother City and surrounds...;)
35 + Best Burger Spots in and around Cape Town | Fast Food, Hamburger Restaurants & Burgers...
Looking for the best burger spot in your area? Well, look no further- we’ve rounded more than 35 places where you can find some of the tastiest bun and patty creations in the Mother City…
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