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Melanoma Prayer Center
at Dec 22, 2014 1:19:25 PM
December 22nd devotion from Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling"

"Come to Me, and rest in My Presence. As you ponder the majestic mystery of the Incarnation, relax in My everlasting arms. I am the only Person who was ever sired by the Holy Spirit. This is beyond your understanding. Instead of trying to comprehend My Incarnation intellectually, learn from the example of the wise men. They followed the leading of a spectacular star, then fell down in humble worship when they found Me.

Praise and worship are the best responses to the wonder of My Being. Sing praises to My holy Name. Gaze at Me in silent adoration. Look for a star of guidance in your own life, and be willing to follow wherever I lead. I am the Light from on high that dawns upon you, to guide your feet into the way of Peace. (Luke 1: 35; John 1: 14; Matthew 2: 9-11; Luke 1: 78-79)"
" O Holy Night " Josh Groban with lyrics.
I Love Christmas and there are many christmas songs I enjoy. But the one I enjoy most is O' Holy Night. It touches me to the deepest reaches of my soul. Hope...
The Journey of Alex & Mari
at Dec 22, 2014 1:12:20 PM
LOVE....., Something that we really only come to feel around the holidays or important occasions, with each other's close family members or friends..But it's something that at least on these holidays, that we can spread more of, in higher frequencies of LOVE.....Please.....Let's try to focus on this song and what it really means for us all...Listen to it...Repeat it to yourself over and over..Until you overcome any feelings of separateness to the rest of the world, where people are truly suffering and dying in the worst of all circumstances...." We are a Part of God's Great Big Family..There's a choice were making, were saving Our Own Lives, its TRUE, WE make a Better Day, Just YOU and Me"... .And if that means just with your Heart...then Please give it Freely all you can..Because this world, IS about us ALL and that Does Not Cost Anything at All, Except just a little of Your Attention of that Thought and Feeling...May Blessings of Peace and Harmony, fill and shift.., all the Hearts around the world, to understand that we truly are, a part of each other...God Bless......
U.S.A. For Africa - We Are The World (1985) (Official Video) (HQ 16:9) (feat. Michael Jackson)
"We Are the World" is a song and charity single originally recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ri...
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Dilyan Dimitrov
at Dec 22, 2014 1:08:31 PM
The night sky is ever still as
silence descends, the four winds
becoming one caressing my
naked body, and as you watch
the branches bend,
revealing all of you.

Long lost, but never forgotten.

Will you meet me at the lake
where the water calms my fear?
Will you once more fall in love
and light in me your flame?
Come to me once more,
and I shall know peace and at last be free.

The shattered path before my
heavy feet, leading me inward
to this broken temple of love,
lust and creation, resting here
whilst heeding the call.

We now lay under the moonlit sky
in the shadows of the past,
and as we become one the stars
kneel down, whispering poetry
of this withering moment.

The falling leaves weaving
a blanket, underneath it
the innermost truth,
feeding the sands of time,
stilling it's hunger
while we quench our thirst.

Taking our place among forever,
remembered only by two.

Now closing our eyes to see,
changing our hearts to feel,
sealing our lips to hear.
The call of the raven moon,
laying us to rest.

Your skin like silver
in the night, your face like a poem without words,
Your touch was the sun in my heart,
and my heart was found by you.

And as the worlds begins to wake
so falls the last petal,
and at all things end we must go
our separate ways into the night,
always alone because
I couldn't save you.

And for that, I am sorry and always will be!..

Saturnus - A Lonely Passage (Ft. Laurie Ann Haus)
Stumbling through narrow paths. Afraid of what will come next. As the darkness closes in I start to run. What have I done to deserve This never-ending hunt? ...
In Memory of Arnold "Gator" Hill
at Dec 22, 2014 1:07:35 PM
Well, this past weekend was was exactly one year ago that daddy had went to the ER here in Huntsville & was given his diagnosis of brain metastasis. Still doesn't seem real to any of us. Amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye! Wanted to share the pictures of some of the Christmas wreaths on EVERY headstone at The Georgia National Cemetery up in Canton. This is such a beautiful place that veterans & their family can lay to rest. A Very touching place to visit!
Our hearts ache to have daddy here with us for Christmas, but it just wasn't in Gods plan...can you imagine what Christmas in heaven is like??!! I pray it's daddy's best Christmas yet!
Missing him so incredibly much...

John 16:33
I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
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Martha Sansom commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:24:13 PM
        Prayers for this difficult season.
Debbie Etheridge Darsey commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:18:32 PM
        Praying for all of you and your families! <3
Amiee Ridings Rushin commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:16:44 PM
        Stephanie Hill Conner and Shelli Hill Rimes, praying for you ladies and your family this Christmas.
Brandi Cantrell commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:14:22 PM
Jessica Heather Garcia commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:11:49 PM
        Sending hugs & prayers your way. I can't imagine how bitter sweet it is knowing at least he isn't suffering, but that you have to patiently wait to see him again. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas & know he'll be watching with glee from Heaven.
Donna Hagin commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:08:44 PM
        HUGS, LOVE, and PRAYERS to you all!!! <3
Mitch Wild
at Dec 22, 2014 1:06:18 PM
A tribute to my uncle Leonard William Dorricott who sadly passed away today at the age of 92. He was the Navigator in this very Lancaster Bomber. It is now in the Australian War Memorial Museum in Canberra. Rest in peace Uncle Len. X

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Metus Shiryō Hitodama
at Dec 22, 2014 1:02:25 PM
Rest in peace King Thorin... ç_ç
The Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit
Movie Soundtrack EVM The Misty Mountains Cold The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
Lorena Latìna
at Dec 22, 2014 1:01:01 PM
May you rest in Peace Joe
The Clash - Train in Vain
Masters of Rock and Psychedelia - "Train in Vain" is a song from the album London Calling (1979) by the Bri...
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For George added 4 photos.
at Dec 22, 2014 1:00:01 PM
The day that two Argentines (SILVIA and JAVIER ESTRACH) met George in his Friar Park Home

The afternoon of May 23, 1999, my wife Silvia and I had a wonderful meeting with George Harrison, which lasted for almost 30 minutes. A huge thrill was have him face to face a few inches away and see his smile wide and frank.
The first thing we see is what we already thought of it: we met a quite simple, humble man with sense of humor and a great! Peace of mind that we are contagious while we were chatting.
Both we would like that this humble story will serve as a kind of tribute to someone who changed our lives dramatic and beautifully, making us better people, bringing us a lot of joy from our childhood, up to the present, there is no a single beautiful memories from our childhood that is not associated with it or the rest of the Beatles.

On Sunday, May 23, 1999, while staying in England arrived at the town of Henley on Thames, Silvia and I decided to go there with the cherished but remote idea for us at that time to see George. We knew that most likely was that we had to make do with stand outside and take photos of the House only, but even if it were that, for us already was worth.

We arrived at Friar Park in the afternoon, and when we recognized that famous big gate with its gold plaque, started to take photographs and admire the immense expansion of the land and the forest interior. He clarified that the mansion where he lived George is not possible to see it from the outside, since the ground is covered with large trees and plants and his palace is away from the main entrance, which is seen from the outside is simply the House you live in the home.

We were several hours in the hope that something happens. After taking a few pictures, we decided to take one of the Palisades that surround the entire length of Friar Park, and after a few minutes of walking, we started to hear a noise that came from the forest within the property, that it sounded like footsteps on dry leaves, we immediately stopped us, we look inward and saw the shadow of a standing manlooking half-hidden among the trees (clarified that field within the property has different levels with respect to the street, so George was watching us from above our).
It was already well into the afternoon and we were the only ones walking along the narrow street at that time. We were talking in Spanish, and I think that it caught his attention.

At that time we recognized its shadow immediately, was it! , and I began to yell "Hey George!" George! "and he said very sheepishly... "Do Huh? who is there? ”.

George! , we come from Argentina only to see you! , we have a present for you! , please could you give us only a minute?.

"But... I do not want any present...What is it? "-It is simply a t-shirt that we brought from Argentina..." is for you!
That first time showed something unsafe with regard to us and you could see that he was trying to make sure that we were trusted.
In that I remembered to appoint him as another gift that I had sent him several months earlier by mail and by which he had answered me with another present on your part... nothing less than a PIN (pin) with the sign of the "Ohm" and a card with the words of Swami Sivananda, all this came to my house in an envelope orange.

So it was that I remembered him something that would surely recognize... "George, I you sent months ago a video of Juan Manuel Fangio, and will have received it because your office sent me this collar and a card in response", then George smiled and said the magic words, "okay..." go to the gate! ,”.
We were not credit to our ears and ask... What?... Really? ", and again smiling said..." "Yes, Yes, go up to the main gate! "making a gesture with his arm pointing out the place. That was the most exciting moment of our lives and we were running like a beam towards the main entrance, we were about to meet one of the men that we formed and with which we grew up: George Harrison.

George arrived at the entrance to driving a truck, those that are used in the fields of golf, and we told him... Cute car George! ","Do it is, it is not true? ", then with a big smile, he pulled out his keys and opened a gate more small right next to the large main gate, and greeted us with a memorable handshake."
We started to tell him what he had meant in our lives, not only for his music, but by his words and his way of thinking, and we learned to be better through it.

He smiled and said: "thank you!" ", thank you for listening to my music, many people listening to stupid music today, music that makes no sense".

We talked about the video of Fangio that I had mailed him long ago and Formula 1. The PIN and the card you sent me, George said: "remember him. Sometimes I prefer to send anything better than a simple autograph, the Ohm and the words of Swami Sivananda help people feel better because each one is special and you are".

Then very smiling asked: "How is Gardel? ", -"he sings better each day! "answered us, explaining that it was a well-known saying in Argentina.
We continue talking about various topics and also gave our gift... a t-shirt with a drawing of the center of Buenos Aires, which the he looked carefully and asked where he was.

We told him that it was an important area of... AH! of Buenos Aires, not? ", Yes!" , Buenos Aires! ","Thank you,... " but you really don't need to give me anything"-"we know him, but we live so far away, this is a way of making us feel a little closer,"answered us, the smiled and said... Oh... Okay, thank you very much then! "Then asked if he had also received a magnet with a picture of Tango, what George returned to add laughing:"the magnet for the refrigerator? " "he told us that he had put in his and laughed when he heard that I had also been us responsible for that gift.
Then we asked about our country, and was interested to know as he was living in Buenos Aires, what we told him that it was very different to the here, also asked us how long we were staying in Henley and if we had visited other places in Europe. When we told her that we had been in Hamburg and that we had walked by the Große Freihet and the Reeperbhan, laughed slyly as usual, but with good intentions: "that was a long time ago!" ", he said between smiles, and we talked about the resemblance which had between the red light district of Amsterdam and Hamburg, whereupon he was agreed."
George was interested in our conversation, and seemed to be talking to someone known... was fantastic! Said that he had never been in Argentina, and was the only country in South America which met Brazil, when the next Emerson Fitipaldi in the town of Guaruya, to which we remember that was in February 1979.

In the middle of our conversation asking about your health "How is your health now George"? (the already came some time ago to treat the first tumor that took in the throat). When asked he said: "Oh, now I'm well thank you!" recently I was in America making me several studies and the doctors told me that I am OK! "George was thankful of that worry to ask you and we could not believe its simplicity!."
After a while more than talk, Silvia, we began to feel that it was time to bid farewell to, but the two noticed that he felt comfortable with us and not cutting the conversation, by contrast, took subjects to continue talking.
We then asked if we could take a photo with him to have souvenir, which he kindly said... Oh yeah, sure! , a photo with each one! ”

In the process of taking the photos we had a small problem with one of the cameras (at the time both analogue) and he offered to review it, which was really fun because we made jokes saying that we were not good photographers, since he took our camera and when he pressed the trigger involuntarily took a photo of Silvia feet, to which at that time looking at me with a smile said "there is no very good photographers these days, you have to press with more force the red button!" ”.

What we didn't know at that time is then we see that one of our chambers was staying without batteries, and so capriciously failed at that important moment.

Finally my wife and I had our respective photos with, and then this time Yes... It was already time to say goodbye, George returned to shake their hands, but I could not stop my impulses, and gave him a great and sincere hug, it also very warmly hugged me, did the same with my wife Silvia which also gave a kiss.
We finally told her... For you this is perhaps a very small moment in your life, but it is not for us! , will never forget this moment for the rest of our lives! ”

"OH!" is not that too? ”

No, isn't it all!

"OK, thanks to you, both are special..." Good bye!! “

"Goodbye George you care!" “

He entered and closed the gate, and just before getting to the golf cart, turned to turn and waving his hand with our gift, saying... "Thanks again both of them!" "," No, thank you George! "" then we were looking at us as he moved away by the path and was lost in the thicket of the forest.

A month later, already back in Argentina, I bought the Billboard magazine in June of ' 99 in which there is an interview that takes place Timothy White to George. In a segment the journalist asked him: "you think that popular music had impact on the way of thinking of the people through time?" ", to which George inter alia responds:"Yes, definitely think about it... " I've known recently time, fans who have come to my excited to places like Argentina!. The music of the Beatles has had a great influence and still has it."
Least seven months later (on 30 December of that same year), a mentally ill got to Friar Park and attacked and it seriously wounded George.
From there onwards, it seems that things began to get worse for him. After that condition their health later deteriorated because of cancer.
Silvia we were lucky enough to go to England in April of 2001 and visited again Friar Park, but already everything had changed. While we were in London the front pages of all newspapers reported that George had a new tumor in his lung and that it had removed a small part.
In spite of that, we decided to risk and return to Henley on Thames. There could speak at the entrance to Friar Park with one of the men that he hired as security and then tell the experience that we had with George two years earlier, asked if it could make you reach George a gift from our part, to which it committed very kindly, so we give a book in English about plants and trees typical of the Argentina that we took together with a letter with the photos we had taken with him on the previous trip.
We have the consolation that maybe gift has been interested in being a subject so close to him as it was gardening.
Well, this has been the story of what lived with one of the four people that changed us head in a beautiful way inevitably for the rest of our lives. It was an unforgettable experience and from November 29, 2001 sadly unrepeatable.
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Do Dion commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:22:51 PM
        Muchas Gracias for sharing your story and photos here with us! <3
Frank Galvez
at Dec 22, 2014 12:59:51 PM
To Joe Pinedo aka Joe P
This song will always remind me of the old you!
May you rest in peace! Or get up and live!!!
Guns N' Roses - Nightrain - Brasil 1991
Guns N' Roses - Nightrain - 01.23.91 - Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Aimy Shafiee
at Dec 22, 2014 12:59:45 PM
Rest in peace my brother...memories keep coming back to me
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Hen Core
at Dec 22, 2014 12:51:31 PM
Rest in Peace. Udo Jürgens:
Die Kassierer - Für Udo
Track 7 vom Album "Männer, Bomben, Satelliten"
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Kimberly Polk
at Dec 22, 2014 12:48:27 PM
Laughing and thinking about my childhood years rest in peace Kevin Irving
Aaron Smith feat Luvli - Dancin (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix)
Buy on Beatport Follow us on Facebook -
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Vonte Bizzle
at Dec 22, 2014 12:47:07 PM
I Miss Nights Like this Nigga Couldn't Tell Us Shit We Stayed Live in the Party's Ready to Beat Some And It Was So Much Love Mane Rest in Peace Big Mob Shit A Never Be The Same HOOD MOBB DAYS
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Amon Rayshun Reed commented at Dec 22, 2014 1:07:56 PM
        It mite Not Be the Same But Its Gone be better💯💯
Jake Melchior
at Dec 22, 2014 12:43:59 PM

The sad but amazing thing about this song is that I've actually experienced that first verse plenty of times. Yesterday marked one year since my grandpa died and the realization that he died on the solstice blew my mind, knowing that when he did die, it was most definitely the longest night of the year. Rest in peace, I'll see you again sometime...
Atmosphere - Yesterday
Lyrics: [V1] I thought I saw you yesterday But I didn't stop, 'cause you was walkin' the opposite way I guess I coulda' shouted out ya name But even if it wa...
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CZ Taylor
at Dec 22, 2014 12:36:18 PM
My dad's favorite wrestler Andre the giant.. may they both rest in PEACE. .. love the way they filmed matches back then
From September 23,1985 "The Colossal Jostle"
John Fleming
at Dec 22, 2014 12:35:43 PM
Great business man , rest in peace ...
Michael Jackson against Sony Speech in London
This is footage of Micheal Jackson telling sony that they messed with the wrong guy. GO ON MICHAEL!!!!!!
John O'Leary - Rising Above
at Dec 22, 2014 12:30:00 PM
"Each day provides its own gifts." - Marcus Aurelius

Happy Monday morning, friends!

As we enter Christmas week, remember there is so much more.

The presents and paper and lights and cookies and cards are just an excuse to celebrate what it is all actually about.

Real joy, peace, and love are seldom wrapped, rarely arrive through the chimney and are generally not found under the tree.

Today I ask you to take pause to open up, celebrate and rejoice in the amazing gifts of your life. Take 90 seconds to read the rest of this reflection on my blog:

Remind your friends about all this season is and all the gifts we have by sharing this post. J
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Katie Louderback Boyle commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:47:45 PM
        Thank you for this beautiful reminder:) merry Christmas
Geoff Butler
at Dec 22, 2014 12:29:53 PM
Well I think this is appropiate for all the famileis of servicemen killed in all conflictsover the last 100 years. In particular this year in Afghanistan. Rest In peace all those that passed may their families find comfort and peace. Lets pray for them and pray for peace and understanding
John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
The official video for John Lennon 'Merry Xmas (War Is Over)'
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Sue Fensome commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:30:58 PM
        I pray Geoff. That peace will come back very soon to the whole world. x
Die Seedose
at Dec 22, 2014 12:28:58 PM
rest in peace, udo!
Griechischer Wein - Udo Jürgens
Griechischer Wein - Udo Jürgens
Gregory Fuller
at Dec 22, 2014 12:25:22 PM
Micah 5:2-5a

“But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah,
out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.” Therefore Israel will be abandoned until the time when she who is in labor bears a son, and the rest of his brothers return to join the Israelites. He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God. And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth. And he will be our peace.

Matthew 2:1-6
After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. When he had called together all the people’s chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Messiah was to be born. “In Bethlehem in Judea,” they replied, “for this is what the prophet has written: ‘But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.”
Abril Aguiar
at Dec 22, 2014 12:17:54 PM
The Clash - Rebel Waltz
Joe Strummer, rebel poet. the Clash Rebel Waltz from the album Sandanista!
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at Dec 22, 2014 12:07:12 PM
Rest In Peace Makone
 Nicolae Ceausescu , Suryabhan Yadav , Aaliyah Sandy , Dani Brandal , Bartosz Zalewski , Nitin Dhiman , Mohnd Mohammed , Fatima Said , Mohamed Arshad , Lop Cap Grand , Jorge Almeida , Aida Sparks , Cutstoya Casno , Jimmy Johns , Maury Rot , Alice Miquel , Chí Phèo , Μαριάννα Δουλγεράκη , Nermin Abdoo , Sarman Marlo , Silivan Sukhobokov , Jarold Jameson , Дмитрий Чертков , Hang Nguyen , Jane Perry likes this
Joy Smith
at Dec 22, 2014 12:06:35 PM
Jesus, king of my heart
Father, my peace and my light
Spirit, the joy of my soul You are

Jesus, to You none compare
Father, I rest in your care
Spirit, the hope of my heart You are

The Heavens declare You are God
And the mountains rejoice
The Oceans cry "Alleluia"
As we worship You Lord
For this is our song of love

Jesus, You saved my soul
I'll thank You forever more
Jesus, the love of my life You are

May the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be recognized in your heart;

May the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be lived in your heart;

May the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations be given through your heart to other hearts;

So that the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations may be lived in every heart all over the world. Amen
 Lorelisa Salva , Nishon Banz , Jericho Samuel Tinao , Ulfredo Tuyac , Joseph Enriquez Dela Rosa , Ryan Alonzo , Don Santhosh , Dimple Castillo , Mark Batan , Mercy Jessa Duqueza Hisona , Angelica Prodon , Prasad Gogulamudi , Maria Evangeline Bayhon , Venan Azor Mawlot , Jayzel Cahilig Bandies , Sarin Sebastian , Peter Bordoloi , Sharmaine Jhoy Gajo Defiño , Emily Karere , Nelson Ason Zimik , Susan Mwanziu , Marlyn Ferrer , Janneth Palo Baldo , Amme Orehcac Naitabad , Matovu Simon likes this
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Reatchie Molleno commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:13:45 PM
Florante Portillo commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:17:20 PM
Florante Portillo commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:17:43 PM
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Rowena Andaya commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:22:45 PM
Dinnes C. Doller commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:23:42 PM
Jun Juguilon commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:25:32 PM
Maricel Nuada commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:26:57 PM
Bahar Zümrüt Kırtay commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:30:02 PM
Noreen Edward Mongan commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:37:13 PM
Saverino Kajangu Tugume commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:38:40 PM
Novie Trinidad commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:45:28 PM
Fe G. Allado commented at Dec 22, 2014 12:54:38 PM
        Amen .
Sandra Joseph
at Dec 22, 2014 12:00:57 PM
To those kids from Peshawar Army School, Rest In Peace dear angels !
Lost and Found
My submission for The Freeform Collective I made this in 2011 after seeing the animation used in this video clip. http://www.y...
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