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Scanman 256 Scanner Model # 5101.

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Petit Corner San Luis Potosi commented at Oct 31, 2014 7:10:19 AM
        La batalla contra el cáncer de mama no sólo debe ser una causa recordada en Octubre, sino prolongada todo el año. ¡CUIDATE!
Citizen TV Telenovelas
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Tonight on Life of Lies episode 21..
Ruben and Father wonder how come Cesar made the decision to become a missionary. Matilde is desperate because of it, but Mariano thinks there is nothing they can do about it. Ruben doesn’t consider it a bad thing, but it’s so sudden, and isn’t missionary life dangerous? Not necessarily, Padre explains, what is important is Cesar’s need to be free of his mom. Let him decide on his own. Back with Ricardo and Oriana, he closes the blinds. At long last, some privacy, Ricardo hugs Oriana – she tries to remind him all the problems she has – the list is quite long: the contraband, Gabriel’s killing, and the fake identity. Yeah, but we’re in love, Ricardo actually says. What if I end up in jail? Oriana tries to fight back. Ricardo has a solution for that, too: We’ll hire a good lawyer; we can explain you didn’t sign any of those documents in Colombia – you couldn’t have signed them by mistake, you’re too smart for that. And we can tell Paloma the whole Ines story; she’ll probably protect you, too. Let’s allow the lawyers to help us. Let me be with you…
He stops a little bit on the threshold; he looks completely broken, if this doesn’t convince her… Nope, her answer is still no. When she’s finally alone, she breaks down crying. Fidelia has come to visit Paloma, but first she meets Matilde. They have a brief face off – they throw jabs at one another, it's quite funny, actually. Ruben is telling Lucina he would have liked Cesar to give him grandchildren, he knows he can still have them from Fabiola, but Cesar is his SON. Ruben is mostly worried because of Matilde’s reaction to the whole situation. Lucina decides to tell him Gabriel’s story: his first wife was a domineering woman, after he got a divorce he married another good for nothing creature. Then they met in San Carlos, he found a refuge in her, they had a little something years ago but then they became friends, who shared their problems. Well, that’s exactly what Ruben wants and Lucina is more than willing to be a friend, but only that. Fidelia is visiting Paloma and proving to be not much of an improvement on Matilde. Marilu, who now works for Ines, was with her when Ines received a letter. Marilu saw the letter on the floor, Ines almost fainted after she read it, and she left running. Could someone be blackmailing her? Once she’s done with not minding her own business, Fidelia starts whining about the nightmare she’s living, having Maria in the house – she’s sick, has no control, no education, she’s a savage – Fidelia is afraid for her life. Paloma, kind soul that she is, thinks that Maria is a poor girl, who needs love, if Fidelia makes an effort, things will improve. Ricardo is pissed with everyone, fights with the accountant about some documents. Marilu knows what is wrong with him, he broke up with Ines. Berto invites Marilu to lunch. They talk about Ricardo being upset because of the break-up. She tells him about the letter, too. Ines comes home from her part time executive position. What is wrong, why so sad? Paloma asks. I broke up with Ricardo, Oriana explains. It was a mutual decision Paloma is saddened by the news, she’s known Ricardo ever since he was a baby, she was sure they were gonna make it. And what about that letter Ines received? Paloma admits she knows this from Fidelia, via Marilu. Was it an anonymous? Yes, they threatened to reveal my past as a you know what, Oriana quickly makes up an explanation. And asked for 5 Million. But she doesn't want to give them the money. She shouldn’t have come to stay with Paloma in the first place. No, don’t say that, I’ve only been this happy when your mom was born; poor Paloma tries to cheer up Ines. Jose Luis calls Lucina, tells her he wants to book a room in her new hotel, he gives the name of Francisco. Cesar is telling Ricardo about his plans, Ricardo is supportive. Paloma calls, asks Ricardo to come see her at night. She knows he broke up with Ines and she’s worried about the anonymous letter. Ricardo discreetly asks what did the letter say and finds out Oriana’s little lie.

Catch this and much more only on CITIZEN TV..

>> Lawrence Raul <3
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Marie Angel commented at Oct 31, 2014 7:34:44 AM
        I really like jose luis 4 oriana.He is a real man ricardo is still a boy.thanks 4 the update
Jackline Fellesia commented at Oct 31, 2014 7:19:59 AM
        poor Oriana
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Timeline Photos
With Verito Mendoza and 18 others.
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Ventas San Luis
at Oct 31, 2014 6:59:23 AM
Ventas San Luis
at Oct 31, 2014 6:59:06 AM
Michael Deplacencia shared The San Luis Resort's video.
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Once this video hits 50 SHARES we will post a ticket giveaway for our Cirque Du San Luis Asylum haunted house!!

Tickets and room packages info:
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Day by day success.
Msm fiasco
Photos from Prakash Hurry Sagar's post in Mauritius Labour Party (Parti Travailliste de L'Ile-Maurice)
------------Le Journal-news ----------

-------Congres MMM/PTR a Vacoas - Ramgoolam ; '' Eski Berenger finn attaque kit communaute ----------

Succès d’affluence au congrès PTr-MMM, jeudi soir, à la mairie de Vacoas/Phoenix. Jeunes et moins jeunes ont écouté avec enthousiasme les discours de Navin Ramgoolam et de Paul Bérenger.

Le Premier ministre a fait une virulente sortie contre le Mouvement socialiste militant(MSM). « Un parti né dans pouvoir et ki fine monte dadak lors ene coup lor le dos PTr et un coup lors le dos MMM, pour garde pouvoir pendant 16 ans… » Il s’est montré très critique envers le leader de l’alliance MSM-PMSD-ML, sir Anerood Jugnauth. « So la fin pou dans la honte. Moi ek Paul pou mette li dans poubelle de l’histoire». Et de poursuivre : « En 2003, est-ce ki Paul Bérenger pas ti vine Premier ministre, eski li fine insulte telle ou telle communauté ?»

Il a mis en garde l’électorat contre « les fausses promesses » de l’alliance notamment la pension à Rs 5000. « Comment faire face à une dépense supplémentaire de Rs 8,6 milliards sans augmenter la taxe ? » interroge le PM qui assure qu’il reverra à la hausse les pensions de vieillesse, de veuves et des orphelins dès que possible après les élections. «N’avons-nous pas augmenté les prestations sociales de 38% en 1996 ?»

Paul Bérenger, lui, explique que le MMM s’est allié au PTr dans l’intérêt du pays et des jeunes. « Nou pas soif grandeur. Nou pou faire bane choses formidables pour le pays », a-t-il déclaré. «Outre les pensions, l’alliance rouges/mauves investira dans l’Éducation, la création d’emplois, d’infrastructures. etc. »

Le leader mauve s’est aussi inquiété de la chute du prix du sucre (par -60%) en trois ans et de l’annonce des investissements massifs que consentira la France pour moderniser le port de La Réunion. «La prise de position de Pravind Jugnauth sur la visite de la ministre indienne des Affaires étrangères est déplorable. L’Inde a consenti un prêt de 200 millions de dollars à Maurice pour le projet de métro léger. Après la signature de cet accord, le pays contractera un nouveau prêt de US 400 millions», a-t-il déclaré.
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4 Masters Enterprise
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RICH LIST: The 50 richest in the Philippines
Posted at 08/28/2014 11:38 AM | Updated as of 08/28/2014 3:43 PM
MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – Forbes magazine on Thursday released its list of the 50 richest Filipinos for 2014.

According to the latest Forbes Philippines rich list, the country's 50 wealthiest are worth a combined $74 billion, up 12% from $65.8 billion in 2013.

Here's the list of the richest Filipinos and their estimated net worth:

1. Henry Sy; US$12.7 billion (SM Prime Holdings)
2. Lucio Tan; $6.1 billion (LT Group)
3. Enrique Razon Jr.; $5.2 billion (International Container Terminal Services Inc.)
4. Andrew Tan; $5.1 billion (Alliance Global)
5. John Gokongwei Jr.; $4.9 billion (JG Summit Holdings)
6. David Consunji; $3.9 billion (DMCI Holdings)
7. George Ty; $3.7 billion (Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.)
8. Aboitiz Family; $3.6 billion (Aboitiz Equity Ventures)
9. Jaime Zobel de Ayala & family; $3.4 billion (Ayala Corp.)
10. Tony Tan Caktiong; $2 billion (Jollibee Foods Corp.)
11. Robert Coyiuto Jr., $1.8 billion (National Grid)
12. Lucio & Susan Co, $1.7 billion (Puregold Price Club)
13. Yap family, $1.475 billion (Philtrust Bank)
14. Manuel Villar, $1.460 billion (Starmalls; Vista Land & Landscapes)
15. Inigo & Mercedes Zobel,$1.2 billion (Ayala Corp.)
16. Alfredo Yao, $1 billion (Macay Holdings; Zest-O)
17. Andrew Gotianun $955 million (Filinvest Development)
18. Vivian Que Azcona $935 million (Mercury Drug)
19. Eduardo Cojuangco $870 million (San Miguel Corp.)
20. Beatrice Campos $825 million (Unilab)
21. Po family $770 million (Century Canning)
22. Oscar Lopez $700 million (Lopez Holdings)
23. Alfonso Yuchengco $685 million (Rizal Commercial Bank Corp.)
24. Roberto Ongpin $680 million (Alphaland)
25. Betty Ang $670 million (Monde Nissin)
26. Dean Lao $625 million (D&L Industries)
27. Manuel Zamora $620 million (Nickel Asia)
28. Carlos Chan $550 million (Liwayway)
29. Jorge Araneta $510 million (Araneta Complex)
30. Mariano Tan Jr. $445 million (Unilab)
31. Edgar Sia $390 million (DoubleDragon)
32. Ramon Ang $380 million (San Miguel Corp.)
33. Michael Romero $375 million (Harbour Centre Port)
34. Concepcion Family $320 million (Concepcion Industrial)
35. Philip Ang $315 million (Nickel Asia)
36. Frederick Dy $310 million (Security Bank)
37. Luis Virata $300 million (Nickel Asia)
38. Alfredo Ramos $260 million (Atlas Consolidated Resources)
39. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr. $255 million (Alaska Milk Corp.)
40. Tomas Alcantara $250 million (Alsons Consolidated Resources)
41. Jose Antonio $240 million (Century Properties)
42. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. $235 million (Rustan’s)
43. Jacinto Ng $230 million (Asia United Bank)
44. Gilberto Duavit $200 million (GMA Network)
45. Menardo Jimenez $195 million (GMA Network)
46. Eric Recto $190 million (Alphaland)
47. Walter Brown $183 million (Atok-Big Wedge)
48. Felipe Gozon $182 million (GMA Network)
49. P.J. Lhuillier $180 million (Cebuana Lhuillier)
50. Juliette Romualdez $170 million (Banco de Oro; Benguet)

Forbes said the minimum amount required to make this year's list was $170 million, up from $105 million last year.

The list was compiled using shareholding and financial information obtained from the families and individuals, stock exchanges, analysts and other sources. Net worths are based on stock prices and exchange rates as of close of markets on August 18.

The complete list is available at as well as in the latest issue of Forbes Asia.
Philippines' 50 Richest
Forbes ranks Philippines' 50 richest.
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Interstellar Movie - Official Trailer 3
The latest trailer from Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR. In theaters & IMAX November 7th.
Abolitionist Society of San Luis Obispo County added 9 photos.
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It was a sad hollow feeling night. People actually said our sign was disturbing to kids while walking around people wearing skulls, devil masks, scary clowns, Hellraiser, the Texas chainsaw massacre and the like. Really?
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Brenda Strupp commented at Oct 31, 2014 7:09:06 AM
        Good job being Christians. Our country needs more Christians willing to speak up!👍
Fantasiediswarovski Eva Laura shared Friar Alessandro's video.
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Brothers and sisters, peace! I share with you some thoughts of the testimony I did a few days ago in the parish of the B.V. M Immacolata of Foggia.

I have never sung sacred music, I started three years ago with the first album. I was a student, and I studied organ, composition and singing, but I used to sing opera songs, chamber music. The theme of these songs was often love; thoughtful love, but not sacred. I have always sung about profane love. Then they asked me to record a CD of sacred songs and I agreed, although it was not my repertoire and it is not very suitable for my voice. But the Lord asked me to do this thing, and I obey. Now I'm happy. Of course; I would sing love songs because when you talk about love, you talk about God. Love, if it comes from God and follows His rules, it is always a manifestation of God. Even human love is a manifestation of God; and this is a wonderful thing, because it reminds us that God loves us.
The voice I have is the voice God gave me. If you hear something beautiful or “special” in my voice, it is because your heart goes into my heart. It's not me: only God does wonderful things.
When they asked us for this Mission, our concern was not about my life as a friar and about my travels, the tours... it was about my personality: I like doing a lot of things, but I'm very shy and I want a quiet life. My dream was to live in a hermitage and dedicate my life to work, prayers and my fraternity. I'm not a priest, I'm a friar, and I love working for the fraternity and for the good of the Church. I like working with wood, working in the garden of the monastery, and I wanted a quiet, hidden, simple and stable life. That's me! When they told me about trips, tours, flights, newspapers, TV, people, I immediately got scared. But it seems like our Lord told me to go beyond my limits. Everything was clear: He works and makes wonderful things. As St. Paul says: "My power is manifested in your weakness”. If I can go on, it is only because of Him; because of God.

Fratelli e sorelle, pace! Condivido con voi alcuni momenti della mia testimonianza che ho fatto qualche giorno fa presso la parrocchia B.V.M Immacolata di Foggia.

Io non ho mai cantato musica sacra fino a tre anni fa. Ero uno studente di organo e composizione e studiavo canto lirico; quindi cantavo brani d' opera, musica da camera. Il tema spesso è l'amore, riflessivo, ma non sacro. Cantavo principalmente opera, ho sempre cantato brani profani e d'amore. Poi mi è stato chiesto di fare un CD di canti sacri e ho accettato, anche se non era il mio repertorio e non è adattissimo alla mia voce. Ma il Signore mi chiede questo e obbedisco, e sono contento di farlo. Certo: le canterei le canzoni d'amore perché esprimere l'amore è esprimere Dio e non c'è amore di serie A e serie B. L'amore, se viene da Dio e segue le Sue regole, è sempre manifestazione di Dio. Anche l'amore umano è manifestazione di Dio; ed è bellissima questa cosa, perché ci ricorda come Dio ci ama.
La voce che ho è quella che Dio mi ha dato. Se sentite qualcosa di bello nella mia voce è perché il vostro cuore entra nel mio. Non sono io, io non faccio nulla: le cose belle le fa Dio.
Quando ci hanno chiesto questa Missione, la nostra preoccupazione non era tanto conciliare la mia vita da frate con i viaggi, con il tour ... il problema era come conciliare la mia personalità con tutto questo: mi piace fare un sacco di cose, ma io sono timido e poi mi piace la vita tranquilla. Il mio sogno era vivere in un eremo e di dedicare la mia vita al lavoro e alla preghiera e alla fraternità. Io non sono sacerdote (sono un fratello laico) e adoro lavorare per la fraternità e per il bene della Chiesa. Mi piace lavorare il legno, lavorare nell'orto e volevo una vita tranquilla, nascosta, semplice e stabile. Questa è la mia indole, io sono fatto così. Quando mi hanno detto dei viaggi, i tour, gli aerei, i giornali, la Tv, le persone, io ho subito pensato di rifiutare. Ma è come se il Signore mi dicesse di andare oltre ai miei limiti. Tutto era chiaro, però: è Lui che opera. Come dice San Paolo: “La mia potenza si manifesta nella tua debolezza”. Io non sono cambiato, ma se riesco ad andare avanti è solo grazie a Lui.

Hermanos y hermanas,¡la paz sea con vosotros! Comparto con ustedes algunos de los momentos de mi testimonio que hice hace unos días en la parroquia de la B.V. M Immacolata de Foggia.

Nunca canté música sacra y empecé hace tres años, con mi primero album. Yo era un estudiante de órgano, composición y canto, y cantaba canciones de ópera, música de cámara. El tema principal de esta música a menudo es el amor, pensativo, pero no sagrado. Siempre cantaba canciones de amor profano. Entonces, cuando me pidieron de grabar un CD de cantos sagrados, yo estaba de acuerdo, aunque no era mi repertorio y no es muy apropiado para mi voz. Pero el Señor me pidió ésto y yo obedezco, y ahora estoy feliz de hacerlo. Por supuesto yo cantaría canciones de amor porque la expresión de amor es expresión de Dios y el amor, si viene de Dios y sigue Sus reglas, siempre es una manifestación de Dios. Incluso el amor humano es una manifestación de Dios; y es una cosa muy hermosa, porque nos recuerda que Dios nos ama.
La voz que tengo es la que Dios me dio. Si escucha algo hermoso en mi voz es porque su corazón está en mi corazón. No soy yo: sólo Dios hace cosas maravillosas.
Cuando nos preguntaron acerca de esta Misión, nuestra preocupación no era tanto de conciliar mi vida como un fray con los viajes, las giras... el problema era cómo reconciliar a mí mismo con todo ésto: a mi me gusta hacer un montón de cosas, pero yo soy muy tímido y me gusta la vida tranquila. Mi sueño era vivir en un ermita y dedicar mi vida al trabajo, a la oración y a la fraternidad. Yo no soy un sacerdote (yo soy un fray) y me encanta, y siempre me ha encantado, trabajar por la fraternidad y por el bien de la Iglesia. Me gusta trabajar con la madera, trabajar en el jardín del convento. Yo quería una vida tranquila, simple, y estable. Éste soy yo. Cuando me dijeron de los viajes, de las excursiones, de los aviones, de los periódicos, de la televisión, de la gente, inmediatamente me dijo que no. Pero es como si el Señor me dijo que yo fuera más allá de mis límites. Todo estaba claro, sin embargo: es Él que trabaja. Como dice san Pablo: "Mi poder se manifiesta en la debilidad." No he cambiado, pero si puedo seguir es sólo gracias a Él.
Ivan Gonzalez shared a link.
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Interstellar Movie - Official Trailer 3
The latest trailer from Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR. In theaters & IMAX November 7th.
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Nununi Gonzalez commented at Oct 31, 2014 7:16:18 AM
        Que ganas!
Hunmberto Castruita
at Oct 31, 2014 6:14:57 AM
Now day the teuth either hurt or it will hurt u but its the truth :)
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San Luis Obispo County Real Estate - #01385503
at Oct 31, 2014 6:14:21 AM
Cambria CSD approves water plant operator
Cambria water plant operator contract approved by CCSD | The Cambrian | SanLuisObispo
When Cambria’s nearly $9 million water-supply project goes online, the experienced person in charge will have a state-issued, so-called “T-3 certification” that allows him or her to be the chief plant operator, according to a contract unanimously approved by Cambria services district directors Oct.…
San Luis Obispo County Real Estate - #01385503
at Oct 31, 2014 6:09:04 AM
California's housing affordability affected by rising home prices and lack of access to capital
This is why California is in the middle of another housing crisis
It’s ironic that when the first Millennials were born, their Baby Boomer parents couldn’t afford a home either. Looking back to October 1981, interest rates on a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage exceeded 18%. It wasn’t until rates fell below 10% in 1986, and to the 7% range in the early 2000s, that affo…
San Luis Obispo County Real Estate - #01385503
at Oct 31, 2014 6:05:25 AM
Housing issues affecting more democratic-leaning metros
Study: Pressing Housing Challenges More Apparent in 'Blue' Markets - DSNews
A recent study shows that the most pressing current issues of the housing industry seem to be more severely affecting Democratic-leaning metros.
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