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::: Berkeringat Berlebihan: Penyebab dan Penanganannya :::
Berkeringat adalah reaksi tubuh untuk pendinginan. Namun, pada orang yang menderita hiperhidrosis (istilah untuk keringat berlebihan), produksi keringat terlalu banyak sehingga menimbulkan masalah.
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Remembering actor Dan Blocker (December 10, 1928 – May 13, 1972). He is best remembered for his role as Eric "Hoss" Cartwright in the NBC western television series Bonanza.
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Sarah Eubank: TBA
Sasha Marina:
Satauna Howery:
Scarletand Brandon Lofton: TBA
Scherrille Murray: TBA
Scott Clem:
Scott Lambright Smith:
Scott Medvetz:
Scott Thompson: TBA
Scott Wilson:
Sean Aryk Sullivan:
Sean Haynes:
Sean Hill: TBA
Sean Kovacs:
See Ba: TBA
Sekou Rennie: TBA
Seraphina Austin: TBA
Serenity Fries: TBA
Serge A. Lecomte: TBA
Serise C. Lange: TBA
Shadez Ciccone:
Shaheed Shazu:
Shaheem Harris:
Shane Elsberry:
Shane Folden: TBA
Shane Graham:
Shane Morrison: TBA
Shanice Turner:
Sharlene K Humm: TBA
Shaun Cline:
Shaun Tennant:
Shawn Lewis:
Shelbey Wolfgirl Jensen:
Shelby Atkinson:
Sheldon Eric Fried: TBA
Shelley Stephen:
Shellie Miller: TBA
Sherry Taylor:
Shi Ran Nui:
Shigamuri Nana:
Sierra Johnston:
Silvy Starks: TBA
Simon Binnie:
Simone Fojgiel:
Sin Spriggan: TBA
Sinead Atkinson:
Singer Filmmaker Bobby Washington:
Sirena Carroll:
Smith Harrison:
Sonal Chauhan:
Sonia Lopez: TBA
Sonja Nelson Provost:
Spencer H Woods:
Spencer J. Fox:
Spencer Streichert:
Stacey Brohn: TBA
Stacy Ann Medlin: TBA
Stacy Etheridge: TBA
Stanford Sequeira:
Star Ving: TBA
Starr Hiiro Rozu Miller:
Stefan Gryncajger: TBA
Štefan Vagovics:
Stephanie Fay Gunning:
Stephanie Gooch:
Stephanie Spicer:
Stephanie Stallard:
Stephen Barber:
Stephen Lynch:
Stevan Speheger:
Steve Latham: TBA
Steve Ludwig:
Steve Soto: TBA
Steve Staley:
Steven C. Phillips:
Steven Jay Cohen:
Steven Kelly:
Steven Mundinger:
Steven Nunnery:
Stevie Vallance:
Stuart A. Hutson:
Sunny Choudhary: TBA
SunSpots Tom Rohe:
Susan Bernard: TBA
Susan Eichhorn Young:
Susan Spang Massey:
Suyash Kumar: TBA
Takale Cash: TBA
Taky Ezell: TBA
Tamás Juhos:
Tamie Litz:
Tanya MA: TBA
Tara Bergtold: TBA
Tara Vodihn:
Tasha Renee:
Tasos Ntapantas:
Tatytana Moreland: TBA
Taylor Brand:
Taylor Terpstar:
Ted Phillips:
Terri Leigh Smith: TBA
Terry King: TBA
Terry Mills: TBA
Tess La Bella:
Tetsuya Hideki: TBA
Tha King Chamar: TBA
Thomas Dunbar:
Thomas E. Nowlin: TBA
Thomas Falborn:
Thomas Hart:
Thomas James Keely: TBA
Thomas Ramsey:
Tiffany Eddins: TBA
Tiffany May:
Tim Glissen:
Tim Mungenast:
Timothy Hudson:
Timothy Lynch:
Timothy S Miller:
Timothy T-Wreck Kohler:
Tobias Queen:
Toby Deshane:
Todd Bryant:
Todd Jennette:
Tom Conklin:
Tom Daniels:
Tom Gore:
Tom Hancock: TBA
Tom Kempson:
Tom Ostlund:
Tom Schmitt:
Tom Terry: TBA
Tommy Joseph El Saieh:
Tommy L. Atkins:
Tommy Shinaberry:
Toni Collins:
Toni Ferraro:
Tony A. Blakely: TBA
Tony Solomon: TBA
Tonya Morgan:
Toya Ryuu: TBA
Tracy Elman:
Tremayne Kendrick Mosley:
Trent Martin:
Trevor Smith:
Tsukin Archangel:
Tucker Paxton: TBA
Tyler Hobbs:
Tyler Johnson:
Tyler Landis:
Tyler Mahl:
Tyler Morgan: TBA
Tyler Neuman:
Tyler Watkins: TBA
Tyrone ZeroSnake Motley:
Va AForum:
Val Kelly:
Val Tannage:
Vanessa Danielle Perez:
Vania Vieta: TBA
Vector Barian Uzamaki: TBA
Vicky Clermont: TBA
Victor Aguilar: TBA
Victor Apan Edén: TBA
Victor Centofanti: TBA
Victor Da Silva:
Victor Mcb Rosario:
Victoria Masterson:
Victoria Vitti:
Vincent Kalanda:
Vincent Pandolfo:
Virgil Blakely: TBA
Vivian Mzvivi Obioha: TBA
Voca Livie:
Voice Master:
Walter Kenney: TBA
Warren Bennett:
Warren Joestar:
Waseem Kapri: TBA
Wayne Grayson:
Wayne Shearer: TBA
Wendy White:
Weum Red-Beard Sears: TBA
Wil J Jackson: TBA
Will Lewis: TBA
Will Luera:
Will Shipley: TBA
William Burns:
William Peck:
William R. Geary Jr.:
William Torres: TBA
William Wright: TBA
Xander Mobus:
Yatogami Ichigo Yuka Ichijo: TBA
Yenni Ann:
Yudany Diaz:
Yui Hisaishi:
Yvonne Fry: TBA
Zac Bucklin:
Zach Aguilar:
Zach Sawyer:
Zach Steffy: TBA
Zachary Frasu:
Zack Leighton:
(Kyle Jewell):
(Safris Kyu):
(Oh Walzee): TBA
Bruce Von Stiers
Coba Fawn
Joe Chad
Joel Stepan Linsk
Karlee Elisabeth
Krista K'Ma Marie
Kyle Baca
Lesley Ballantyne
Philip Galinsky
Rolando Wharton
Tyson Jackson
Online Voice Actors and Actresses Rules / F.A.Q / Help (Admin Edit Only, If New And Or Tagged Please Read)

24/7 List:

Main Rule:
Welcome to New or Old, Non-Official or Official, It matters not to us, we welcome all who share an interest in Voice Over in 1 way or another. Once added, please comment a selected link of yours you intend to use to show your content, so it could be your youtube, soundcloud, personal site or other. If at the time of joining one does not have a link, Please Specifically Say TBA (To Be Announced) ASAP before Auto Remove Monday (12AM Newfoundland time) This is to show you understand the rules, prove that your real, interested in voice over and that you are not a Bot. Feel free to also friend Dane Spurrell the main Admin, in case something should happen to the group as he can simply bring you back into the group should something go wrong and finally we can Re-upload your selected Voice Demo and or Sample to our and add additional links and info in the description (Note: If you go to leave in anyway shape and or form Please kindly inform as Dane would then have to look at a list of 1167+ members) Thank You All Greatly In Advance!!!

I`m new to voice acting can I still be a member?
Answer: Yes new or old all are welcome to join as long as you give us your link *preferably* to what you plan to use for your voice acting ( Youtube, Personal site or other ) or say TBA before Auto Remove Monday

What`s TBA and Auto Remove Monday?
Answer: TBA means To Be Announced and we give that as a status to members who don`t yet have a link and they can update us at a later time as for Auto Remove Monday over time Bots join a long with people who have no interest so we try our best to filter out and keep the place active and running

How do I give you my selected link or say TBA?
Answer: You can comment to this post or contact Dane Spurrell the groups main admin directly

How do I stop getting notifications my inbox is getting flooded?
Answer: On every post there should be a drop down arrow with a few options
(Note: If your tagged to a post requesting your link or a TBA please provide before un-following the post and don't block Admins)

I have a link but nothing related to voice acting yet do I still have to give it?
Answer: If you see it as a place you intend to use please do, it makes our job much easier but if you must you can say TBA and update us at a later time

I have a voice demo / sample / live action demo but no link what do I do?
Answer: Contact Dane Spurrell the groups main Admin by Facebook and send him your selected file and he can add it to the groups

Know of any good programs to use?
Answer: If your a windows user we offer a few good programs here

I don`t voice act, I`m only looking for people that do can I stay?
Answer: Yes as long as you give us your link content creators make our world go round

The 24/7 list is a nice idea but I need a fast way to find a voice actor or actress or few?
Answer: Still adding Demos and Samples but here is the groups with 100+ Demos / Samples

I make music, draw, animate but I don`t voice act really can I stay?
Answer: Yes as long you give us your link

What`s the point of this group and why should I join or stay?
Answer: The group is basically a trap to lure all voice actors and actresses to sacrifice them to the gods..... I-I mean... well you can make new friends and contacts that share the same interest maybe learn a few new things here and there and it`s another place to get free advertisement if someone should be looking

What can I post in the group?
Answer: Just about anything as long as its not porn, dirty and or hurtful to others, the group is meant to make new friends, contacts and sharing

All I see are Fan Dubs and machinimas isn't there anything original this group is wasting my time?!
Answer: Welcome to the Internet, here and there will be a post of something original, just can`t be to picky this is just a collection group of people who share the same interest

I create for money can I advertise that in the group?
Answer: Yes if that's your thing by all means just keep in mind not everyone can pay and sooner or later someone can very well come across you and request

I have no interest I don`t voice act, I don`t create and I don`t want to give you my link can I stay?
Answer: I`m sorry but please leave nothing personal

What happens if I Block an Admin in anyway shape and or form?
Answer: Please don`t we will remove you and if its by mistake we will try again if repeated you can`t re-join

I think I joined to soon if I leave can I come back?
Answer: Yes we shall be the waiting's and if it`s not to much trouble please inform us

I closed my Facebook account for a bit and now I`m not in the list?
Answer: We notice we had a member missing and we ask you kindly to give us your link again and thank you in advance

The group says you have 1161+ - 1 = 1160+?
Answer: Member closed there account or Blocked Admin, so can`t remove unless the phone version of Facebook is used, If you plan to return please inform, if removed feel free to re-join and re-submit

I have more then 1 video or picture to show at a time can I post them all?
Answer: You may post them all as a comment to your original post we need to try and keep the group tidy

Dane Spurrell keeps flooding the group?
Answer: He doesn't want to but members feel like he`s the only one who can get others attention at times or perhaps they just don`t feel like posting them selves also he is the groups main Admin

My project or video contains stuff that is rated T or M aka 13+ or 18+
Answer: Just inform when posting

I`ve got friends and I know others who would love to join can they?
Answer: Yes drag them in or invite and if you know there link please provide

My post is so far down the page should I make a new one?
Answer: Commenting or editing on a post should bring it back up around the top and if you really feel the need you can make a Doc by going to the groups files

Can I be an Admin?
Answer: Nope
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