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Jon Drucks
at Nov 23, 2014 2:07:28 AM
Of course, there is more to the "Story" of the place that JFK was Assassinated, then meets the all seeing "Eye". Just like, everything else living under the "Rule" of Secrets, and Lies. Everything is a Secret, when forced to Talk, they Lie. The Evil "Ruling" Royal Family of Liars.
I believe American History is a Lie.
My Beliefs, of American History, by Jon Drucks.
1776: The Illusion of the Declaration of Independence. In 2014, I believe we are under the "Rule" of the very Evil Royal Family, Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi War Pig Banker Hypocrites, and Evil Royal Preachers we Declared our Independence from. The Royal Family of Lairs. Proves, "Nothing" changes without "The Truth", we're living proof. But, I believe the days of US living under the "Rule" of Secrets and Lies are numbered, the writing is on The Wall. Our Founding Fathers, may have had good intentions, but they were no Saints. Many, were Elite Freemasons, who like to "Build" things up, then tear them down. I believe there is a Mass Conspiracy and Mass Cover-up, includes the Mass Media, of the Destruction of America today. The Illuminati also formed in 1776. I believe the "Plan" to take down America, was being plotted, as we Declared our Independence. Our Founding Fathers, also enslaved, and killed people. "Honest Abe" came along and we had a Civil War, mainly for the purpose, of freeing the slaves. "Honest Abe" also challenged the Banking System, Royal Money Changers, which "led" to his Assassination. In 1913, America was sold to the Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi War Pig Bankers, who created the Federal Reserve. Which, is a Private Entity, and has nothing to do with our Federal Government. The Federal Reserve, has deception written all over it, starting with its name. They created World War I, burying our Nation, even though they said we won. The Great Depression followed, with them crashing their "Rigged" Stock Market, and Royal Banking System. Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Royal Prescott Bush, was part of a Coop to overthrow FDR, pushing the Nazi Agenda during the Great Depression. Only General Smedley Butler, a "True" American, stood in their way. FDR then pushed through the New Deal, which ended up, being turned into the Old Deal. The "Ruling" Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi War Pig Banker Hypocrites, created WW II, with Skulls and Bones Royal Prescott Bush's Banks being shut down for Funding the Nazis. We were told we won that War, after we Nuked Japan, after the False Flag Operation of Pearl Harbor. USA! USA! USA! The "Ruling" War Pigs then created the Cold War, against the Great Enemy from the North, our Ally in WW II. The Cold War included, Operation Paperclip, were Nazi's were let into our Government. Our Government, also went Rogue with creating the CIA, and many other Secret Agencies. The "Ruling" War Pigs also created the Korean War. It, started US fighting Wars, we couldn't win. They are only stopped, when The People stand up, and say "What the hell are we fighting for?" The "Ruling" War Pig, Money Changers, also put "In God We Trust" on the back of their Root of all Evil. Their God, next to their Illuminati Symbol, and New World Order. Ike, ended his Presidency, with his Military Industrial Complex Speech. The Complex, we live in today. America then had JFK come on the scene. In 1961, he gave his famous Secret Society Speech. I believe everything that JFK warned US about in his Secret Society Speech, over 50 years ago, is "Ruling" our so-called Nation today. I believe the same, could be said of JFK's Separation of Church and State Speech. Those Royal Rulers, holding Holy Books, are the Kings of Cover-up. JFK also started printing his own Money, took on the Israeli Lobby, and turned down Operation Northwoods. Which, was a "Plan" to have a False Flag Attack spark Nuclear World War with Cuba, and Russia. A similar "Plan" was used to create Vietnam War. I believe they also used the "Plan" on 9/11, to create the Oil Wars, in the Name of God. JFK exposed a "Plot" to enslave every man, woman, and child of our Nation. JFK was Assassinated 7 days later. JFK is still known as "The Last President To Tell The Truth". He met the same fate as "Honest" Abe. Proves, what Honesty and the Truth get you, living in a Nation being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. JFK was Assassinated, in the Lone Star State, which was the home of LBJ. Nothing, says the United States, like the Lone Star State. It, has the New World Order, written all over it. Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Royal Bush 41, was also from the Lone Star State, and I believe his involvement in the Assassination of JFK was his first step towards the top of the Secret CIA. America went to War in Vietnam, after a False Flag Attack, on one of our Warships. RFK, and MLK, were Assassinated in late 60's. The Hippies came together, and stood up against the False Flag War, and lying corrupt Government. The Vietnam War, and the Presidency of Tricky Dick, ended in shame. The Hippies, are the Greatest Generation, in my Book. The Hippies, were not perfect, but they stood up for what they "Believed" in. The Hippies were called "Jesus Freaks", by the "Ruling" Evil Royal War Pig Banker Hypocrites, like it was bad to love Jesus. Goes with the War, on Christmas today, symbolized by X-Mas. It is time for the Hippies, on down, to rise again. Just like, Jesus, my Savior. It's, Now or Never, Do or Die Time. Sudden Death, could appear like a Thief in the Night, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. Gerald Ford assumed the position, of bending over for the "Ruling" War Pig Banker Hypocrites, and Pardoned Tricky Dick. Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Bush 41 headed the Secret CIA. Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Royal Bush 41, smiled when talking about the Assassination of JFK, at the Funeral of Gerald Ford. Jimmie Carter then became President, he was called the worst President, but our current so-called President is likely to strip him of that Title. The Plan? Guessing, the worst President's are the ones who do not submit, to the "Ruling" Evil Royal War Pig Banker Hypocrites. Carter lost his Re-Election bid, to Reagan, after the Iran Hostage Crisis. Guessing, the Evil behind our Money, were behind that too. Reagan was shot shortly into his Presidency, when Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Royal Bush 41, was VP. Whenever, a President is shot, the first place you should look is VP. The Lone Star State strikes again. Guessing, the message on Reagan's bullet was next time we won't miss, like JFK. "Be, the Movie Star President, that you are". Reagan was shot by the Son of a Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41 Contributor, when he ran against Reagan. Sore loser, did't want to have to wait for Reagan, to Term out? We then had Iran Contra. All roads to Nuclear WW III, lead to Iran, standing by the side of Israel until the day we die. Our so-called Government created, and built Al-Qaeda, to fight against Russia who went broke fighting in Afghanistan. It, worked so well for them, we followed the same path to Bankruptcy years later. Osama Bin Laden, was a Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41's, Secret CIA Trained Operative. Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41 became President and started the first Oil War, in the Name of God, in Iraq. A "Test Run" for bigger fish to fry later? Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41 promised a New World Order, in a few Speeches, with at least one being on 9/11! Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41, lost his Re-Election, with Enron CEO as his Campaign Co-Chair. Slick Willy became President, and was flying high, until he let a Intern go down on him. Guessing, the Skulls and Bones Royal Bush's, placed her under his Desk. Slick Willy was Impeached, but stayed in Office, just like nothing happened with White Water Scandal years earlier. Slick Willy announced his Adoption, into the Skulls and Bones Secret Society Nazi Funding Royal Bush Family, from the steps of the Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 43's Library. It, should have been a Comic Book Store, home of the DC Comics. The only time, they tell the Truth, is when they are joking. The jokes on US! Since Slick Willy, is still somehow married, it makes Hillary Rodham Clinton Bush. I always thought she liked bush, and that's why she didn't care what Slick Willy did, with the Big Lewinsky in the Oral Office. Hillary is talking about assuming that Office, and the Big Lewinsky is opening her mouth again, maybe a repeat performance. I have seen things that suggest that Hillary may have been a Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Nazi Funding Royal Bush from Birth, might explain "Uncle Bill" Clinton Bush that I have also seen. The "Rigged" Election of 2000, put Skulls and Bones Royalty, back in the White House. Skulls and Bones Royal "W" Bush 43, had a Brother as Governor, of deciding State days later. It has been reported that the "Plan" for Wars, in the Land of Oil, began as soon as they walked through the door. They just needed a Event. "A New Pearl Harbor", to put the "Plan" in motion. America, then suffered it's biggest Attack, on 9/11. Many People, and Scripts, "Predicted" 9/11. It, was even "Predicted" on our Funny Money. But, "Stand-Down" Orders, were part of Pre-Planed Terror Drills. Which placed VP Uncle "Dick" Cheney, in charge of NORAD, a first for a VP. If you hear of Uncle "Joe", assuming that position, run for cover! But, remember close counts, with Nuclear Bombs. Uncle "Dick" Cheney is now Predicting and Attack, far deadlier, then 9/11. The only thing bigger then 9/11, in my Book, is Nuclear Bombs. Which, is also "Predicted", on our new Funny Money. Anyone willling and able to "Pull" off 9/11, and Oil Wars, is willing and able to "Pull" off anything and everything. Including, "The End", at least for US! Our choice in the Election after 9/11, 2004, was Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member Royal Bush 43 vs Skulls and Bones Secret Society Member SECRETary of State Royal Kerry. We got, Skulls and Bones Royalty, either way. No Outsiders allowed to uncover Inside Job? ! I believe the mountain of Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job,is as high as the "Forgotten" Twin Towers, once stood. I not only believe 9/11 was an Inside Job, I believe it was made into, a Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi Messianic Satanic Ritual. Goes with the Pre-Meditated Endless Oil Wars, in the Name of God, that followed 9/11. The ultimate insult, to my God, he says "Thou Shalt Not Kill". What, does your God say? If your God is saying to kill people, in his name, you need to take a serious look at who your God is. Someones God, may be telling them, to kill you. To be fighting Wars in the Name of God, is as Insane, as the Evil Royal Rulers and so-called Leaders creating them. Killing In The Name. Wake Up! Know Your Enemy. Take The Power Back! The words of Rage Against The Machine. They screamed at US, over 20 years ago, about everything happening to our so-called Nation today. This is a Plan! I believe the 2004 Election proves, our Elections are "Rigged", just like the "Forgotten" Buildings on 9/11. I believe the 2004 Election also proves, the Two Party's, are really One. The Federalist Party, part of, the World Federalist Movement. One New World Order, as promised by Skulls and Bones Royal Bush 41, and Hitler! We allowed the Son and Grandson, of the "Banker to the Nazis", to become President. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! The Royals and The Nazis have a long Courtship. Look, to the husband of the Queen, for that one. Skulls and Bones Secret Society is known as the Brotherhood of Death. I believe we are about to find that out, the hard way, but we won't be around to hear about it. We are now almost $18,000,000,000,000 in Debt, on the verge of a Nuclear World War, and we don't even know who our President is or where he was born. What A Country! Not, for long, unless The People stand now. If anyone believes all the Goliath Problems this so-called Nation arrived with our so-called President, whoever he is, they don't even know what the Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi Messianic Satanic Problem is. I believe The People should give our so-called President one chance to Obey his Oath and tell US the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. So, help US, God! The People must stand and demand "The Truth" starting with 9/11, Wars, and New World Order. One Thing Leads To Another. I believe they all lead, to the death, of all of US. Is, Obama Nation, being "Led" into the Abomination of Desolation? I believe we will Die, if we continue to Live, the 9/11 Lie. The Truth is the Word of God. The Truth and The People, seeking and speaking it, are the Enemy of this so-called One Nation Under God being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. The Truth has been turned into a Conspiracy Theory. Based on that Theory, God will become the next Enemy, and his Word the next Conspiracy Theory. I believe there is a Luciferian Conspiracy, based on Marxist, Hegelian Logic. I believe it is part of the Mass Conspiracy and Mass Cover-up, includes the Mass Media, of the Destruction of America. Anyone talking about the New World Order, is talking about the Destruction of America, in my Book. Many, of our Evil Royal Rulers and so-called Leaders, are talking about the New World Order. The goal of the New World Order is for One World Government, One World Currency, and One World Religion. THEIRS! If you think it's yours, you better think again, while you can still think for yourself. The One World Religion, will do the thinking, for all of US. Think, about that, the ultimate form of control. Control, is the Name, of the Royals Game. History proves, it they can't control, they kill. I believe Lady Di could Testify to that. But, I believe they killed her, after they couldn't control her. Just like, JFK, my Namesake. Just like, Joan of Arc, my Bloodline. Just like, Jesus, my Savior. I believe the "Royal Plot" for a New World Order is having US live out, "The End" of the Christian Calendar, based on "The Beginning". Goes with the War, on Christmas today, symbolized by X-Mas. The "Ruling" Evil ZioNeoNazi War Pig Banker Hypocrites, even have to have a War on Christmas, for God-sake! Jesus rose from the dead. Is, he returning sooner, rather then later? If so, I believe that means The People "failed" the Test of Time, from above. The People "failed to stand for the Word of God, when they needed to most, in "The End". "The Truth" or "The End". Our, Choice. See my entire Facebook Page, it's my Book - Change 2014. It follows Change 2013 and Change 2012.
The Kentroversy Papers This site features commentary on today's most important events. I am not afraid to discuss controversial matters, and this is why I am known as Kentroversy, and these are known as The Kentroversy Papers.
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        William Cooper "Predicted" 9/11, months before, and will murdered shortly after 9/11. Find, "The Truth" on 9/11, and I believe we will have found "The Truth" on the Assassination of JFK. Same, "Royal Plot", different day.
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