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April LaToya Huff shared Devyn Park Hill Peace's status update.
at Nov 24, 2014 11:07:34 AM
Devyn Park Hill Peace

Yal niggas got me scared to go out to the club's now. This is Colorado not The south side of Chicago... All this legal weed and niggas still can't chill?...I don't know what happened but it's funny how the Mexicans can go out, party and head to the after hours for a soft taco, bowl of menudo and a strawberry Fanta and call it a night. niggas we go out, but instead of hitting the after hours we sitting in hospital waiting rooms waiting for hours just to log on Facebook and see that the unimaginable has happened... This is common order us black people are use too. And it's sad. When is enough enough? When it's your brother, sister, uncle, cousin or best friend your posting "RIP" on they Timeline? It's actually sad and I'm ashamed, Ashamed to see how other people think of our people black people ... Or niggas.. from the eyes of others who expect this, won't have any sorrow or Sympathy.. it's really sad we as a people have lowered our expectations to meet their status quo. I was reading the comments on the 7news page about what happened at the beach to Tha General. And most of the white people was calling him a "crip/Rapper and when you live the gang lifestyle that's what happens" if it's true or not.. see that? White people ain't even gotta label us no more. Ain't that something? They calling it like they see it. shit while we at it call us a nigger. Shit you call me whenever you want. Just don't call me a slave...let's stand together, pick each other up, dust each other off and come together.. Shit because if a white man would have shot Tha General or a Police officer. Niggas would still be acting brand new in the streets so hard they woulda had to rename Denver "New Ferguson" but see when its a black king that's being shot by another black king it's just another day on the block.... But oooooooooooo shit let a white person shoot a nigga, and we all in the streets linked up fighting for justice singing old nergo spirituals not listening to the words or the meaning of what we singing.. but when it's black on black we turn our heads, look the other way. So here's my question. Where's Kevie Durham justice Where is the justice for his mother? His family? The rallies in front of the city and county building? How many of you will fight for justice? Not just in this senseless act of violence but for others. If you haven't already noticed we already the last of a dien breed, it's crazy if you look back when we was slaves we was all we had us vs them, fast forward, now it's us vs our own. We shouldn't be pointing Guns or fingers we should be pointing out shit that ain't gonna get no better soon unless we get better ourselves........ Everybody Gon respect the shooter. "But the one in front of the gun lives forever...." Share and spread the word. There's been to many funerals in 2014
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