Description - Here you are at my Fan Page for the official launch of Jamband Music Fan at

This project is a labor of love and has been at the center of my attention for the better part of this year.

I am now very excited to introduce you to our new community where Jam Band fans and music fans in general will be able to come together and unite. This will be a great opportunity to keep in touch with good friends and make new ones.

Are you going to another city to see a show? Well, wouldn't it be great to be able to connect with somebody in that town who you could meet up with to celebrate the event?

This is just one of the benefits of this new community. Come and join this exciting network and be one of the flagship members that starts this off with a bang!

This is going to be FANtastic! I am looking forward to each and every day and interacting with you on the inside.

Your Host!
Ryan K
Jamband Music Fan