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The visionary behind Emmanuel TV is Jesus Christ who still empowers His disciples to change the world today. T.B. Joshua, Executive Producer of Emmanuel TV, is one of them and has given the channel for God’s service, to change lives, nations and the world.

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Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Many lives have been disconnected from the Creator. When you are connected to Heaven, you would know that behind your situation lies the purpose of God for your life. In order to fit your life back into God's divine arrangement as from today, begin to pray against your weakness so that you close the avenue of the devil. The devil has nothing to do with you without weakness, mistakes and sin. That is what the Bible says about salvation – seek first the Kingdom of God. That is, pray against your weakness and all other things – blessing, healing and protection will be added. When the devil is in control of your life, when you are weak, you are weak.

But when you are connected to the Maker of Heaven and earth, when you are weak, then you are strong for His strength is made perfect in weakness. To feel the grace of God over your life, you must be proud of your weakness for Christ's sake. This is demonstrated when the curse of imperfection hits, you confess to God, receive His mercy, learn from it and move on. When you have a relationship with Jesus, you change and become a person who is directed by the Heavenly Father, not the earthly influence around you. Do you want to get connected to Heaven? Just believe. Believing is our connection to Jesus Christ.

PRAYER: Lord, Jesus Christ, anytime I make a mistake, as we all do, help me to run to You.

2 Chronicles 20:19-21
DANIEL 6:1-23
Mark 11:20-25

TB Joshua Ministries

In 2012, Pastor Magyari Laszlo from Hungary was afflicted by a skin disease and before long, his neck was covered with spots. His concern increased as the skin disease was spreading rapidly to every area of his body. The doctor diagnosed him with psoriases. He was experiencing severe itching all the time and could not sleep. His skin would peel off and sometime it would be bleeding. As a pastor, this embarrassing condition impeded him from carrying out his duties as he was not able to go out and evangelise the Word of God. He could only communicate through the internet or on phone because he had to stay indoors as a result of this problem. When he went to the hospital, the doctor told him that there was no cure for psoriases.
One day, he was searching on the internet for solution and discovered the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua when he was watching videos on YouTube. When he saw the miracles and how people were cured of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases, he believed that God could also work wonders in his own situation. Soon after that, one night, while he was sleeping, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for him in The SCOAN. During the prayer, he saw four snakes appearing and Prophet T.B. Joshua hit the snakes’ heads, smoke appeared and the snakes disappeared.
Convinced that his case would not escape the anointing of God, he decided to come to The SCOAN so that Prophet T.B. Joshua could pray for him in the prayer line. Immediately after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the itching disappeared. The following day, he already noticed that the skin disease started to clear up. After the healing, he can now go out and evangelise the Word of God and do all the things he was unable to do before. He is also sleeping very peacefully at night. Joyfully testifying before the congregation and viewers worldwide, he showed his now perfect skin, restored for the glory of God.

TB Joshua Ministries
The story of Stevenson Simplice is a heart-rending account of a young man, rejected by the people he trusted and subjected to the torture of hellish addictions until he encountered the Light. Read Us caught up with the Caribbean songwriter to hear his remarkable story:

Although Stevenson Simplice is a man loaded with incredible skill and talent, his journey through life has been fraught with untold hardship and hurdles. Coming from the exotic Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean, he was gifted from a young age in music and song writing. Before he had the chance to really get to know his father, however, the latter had walked out of his life. His mother remarried a man who scorned his new step-son.

“Stevenson,” he would bark with a bottle of alcohol in his hands, “Go, get my guns; today is when I’ll kill you!” The little boy, six years old then, would scurry off and hide behind the door, as the man aimed the muzzle of his gun at his tender forehead.

Meanwhile, his biological father was cohabiting with another woman and barely acknowledged his son’s existence. All this, plus his mother’s failure to protect him from the abusive man she called husband, took a huge toll on him, and he considered himself unwanted.

The broken home soon led Simplice to a broken life, constantly moving from one house to another; never able to come to a place he could call home. Rejected by his family, he soon found himself in the cold arms of society and became entangled in the vices of lust, pornography and masturbation.

“My will power was not enough. I knew it was destroying me, yet I continued doing it. Every time I did it, I was fully conscious that this would take me to the place no human being wants to go. I thought I loved God but I sincerely hated Him too, because my action spoke more than my words,” he told Read Us.

In search of acceptance, Simplice decided to go it the hard way – engaging in extracurricular activities where he demonstrated very peculiar skills, especially in extreme sports, swimming and running. It did not matter whether it was on land, under water or in the air; he was the boy to watch.

In the summer of August 1996, feeling frustrated, he decided to try and beat his previous record and swim five lengths underwater. On the last lap of the dangerous stunt, something strange happened which was to change his life forever. While at the bottom of the pool, he no longer had the desire to breathe. He saw himself going into a deep ocean, a dark abyss.

“Suddenly,” he explained, “that hallucination stopped, the way one would turn off a TV. Then, I appeared in a different realm. There was this extreme light, a very vivid, strong light. It was like being inside the sun, yet it was not destroying me. Something told me it was made of truth, peace, love and the fruit of the Spirit; it seemed that all of these powerful elements, being one, produced the intense bright light. I longed to go into the source of that light but I was not allowed. I knew why I was not: the issues I was dealing with, like anger, hatred and unforgiveness prevented me.”

The Kingdom of light couldn’t accept Stevenson. He was thrown down and he witnessed the torture of hell. “I heard souls screaming. It was a completely different frequency of agony. Terrified, I fell among them and began to deteriorate, as they were, welcomed by hate, fear and negative emotions personified. I saw a vision of my aunt who gave me a message one day. She told me, ‘Stevenson, in all the troubles you face, my son, call the name of Jesus with all your heart and you shall be saved.’ ”

“I had heard this but never took it seriously. At this hellish moment, however, I decided to give it a go. When I called His name, death and hell rushed after me not wanting to let me go but Jesus fought for me and pulled out my soul from there. I suddenly returned to my body and realised I was among the living. This was the biggest gift God could have given me at that time - just to have the breath of life again,” he said.

As all this was happening, people who saw him dive into the pool panicked, as the clock ticked without him resurfacing. When he eventually floated to the surface, he was lifeless. All efforts to resuscitate him were futile until he was rushed to hospital, where he miraculously regained consciousness and the truth of his encounter registered on him. Simplice's tale of resurrection sent shockwaves all over his local community, making newspaper headlines throughout the nation. Doctors that were involved called it 'a miracle'.

Turning Point
As Simplice grew up, he developed his musical talent and soon opted for a career as a Gospel musician. His innovative songwriting soon endeared him to a well-known Gospel artiste in Israel, who invited Simplice to record an album in the Holy Land. This catapulted Simplice to the point where he started to perform before big crowds and meeting presidents and prime ministers of different nations. One of his songs, written about Israel, gained huge popularity within the nation and led him to becoming an ambassador for the nation abroad. Despite all this seeming success, however, he was still bound by the spirits of lust and masturbation. He fasted and prayed but it did not stop.

One day, while browsing YouTube, Stevenson found a video of a deliverance that happened at The SCOAN, his first encounter with Christ in action in such a radical way. The videos led him to discover Emmanuel TV and he began to believe that that was a way out of his predicament.

“This was my last bus stop; this was my last page. I couldn’t go further. I was praying every day. I would touch the screen on my iPad, praying for a breakthrough,” he said. The breakthrough he needed was to come to The SCOAN. He finally managed to visit Lagos and meet Prophet T.B. Joshua. “It was like a dream come true. I felt like my whole life hung on that moment,” he said.

Having received the Anointing Water during his stay in The SCOAN, he offered a simple prayer and administered it. It was the moment lust finally lost its grip on his life! “In the morning, I felt refreshed. When I went to pray, I raised my hands and worshipped for more than two hours. This was my breakthrough. For the first time, I was able to love Jesus without any hindrance. Lust had finally been beaten!”

After his visit to The SCOAN, he returned to Norway with a renewed passion and zeal for God. The cycle of lust, masturbation and guilt were finally broken after a battle that raged over 20 years.

Stevenson felt that God was establishing him in Norway in the southern city of Kristiansand. With that knowledge, he went in faith with the Anointing Water in his pocket to the immigration office to apply for permanent residency.

Although it can take years of waiting to have residency in Norway, Stevenson surprisingly got his residency certificate that very hour! In addition to his song writing, he was offered a lucrative job, which involved installing infrared heating systems in football fields.

From the unwanted lonely boy he once was, he became the young man everyone wanted around them. The breakthrough continued as he was offered free accommodation in Kristiansand and now lives in a two-storey house!

A Blessing To Others
His breakthrough has spilled over to those around him. Erik, an investor friend who was facing challenges, saw his US$80 million investment come to fruition, while another friend was healed of cancer after they individually administered the Anointing Water.

The young man, who has gone through hell in life and survived it by the blood of Jesus, was not without a word of advice.

“The Scripture in 2 Timothy 2:22 speaks about fleeing youthful lust and following righteousness. We shouldn’t try to fight the devil with our own strength; we should flee from the temptations that this world offers us. Do not rush into relationships believing that this will fill the void. People think lust will stop when they get married. This is a big lie because lust doesn’t get replaced; it just increases.

“Therefore, we should try and deal with our issues, first, before bringing others into our problems. We cannot blame anyone for our sins, only ourselves. We should do anything in our power and strength to seek God’s Kingdom, to seek deliverance, else we could lose the bigger prize, which is eternal life. I would advise anyone who can, to get the Anointing Water because the fragrance of God is in it to set people free, like it did to me. For parents, be careful what you expose your children to, because the resultant trauma can destroy their lives. Sometimes, they will never be restored except by God’s grace. I know this is just one stage in my testimony, and it will grow from glory to glory!”

This article was taken from the first issue of 'Read Us', the official magazine of The SCOAN.

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TB Joshua Ministries
Emmanuel! Make sure you find time to watch this INSPIRING DRAMA by the Emmanuel TV Team and SHARE it with others.

Please tell us your experiences concerning the drama in the comments section below, what you can say about the production, acting and most importantly, the lessons you learned:
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The bickering had reached its boiling point. A marriage on the very brink of separation. After five years of childlessness, Mr Peter called his wife with a blunt message – go and see T.B. Joshua and don’t come back home unless you meet him!

Desperate and determined, Mrs Peter left Edo State and arrived in Lagos with a simple prayer pounding within – let God locate me through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The time of prophecy arrived and the man of God walked briskly towards her direction. Divine arrangement was supernaturally unfolding! “You are fighting with your husband,” he instantly pronounced. “It’s over the issue of a child.” She could barely talk; it was as if he was there in their closet when the intensity of the arguments had heightened! “Go and deliver your baby girl,” were the final words of the remarkable prophecy. Shock and wonder met in an array of unspeakable euphoria!

Returning home, Mrs Peter met with her husband and that very week, she conceived! When the doctor wanted to tell her the gender of the child, she smiled softly. “I already know the sex of my baby, doctor. God told me through Prophet T.B. Joshua – it’s a baby girl.” Baffled, the doctor confirmed.

Returning to The SCOAN months later with their beautiful baby daughter aptly named Emmanuella, the couple shared their amazing testimony. “We have not only received a daughter, we have received an angel,” Mr Peter announced to the crowd, testifying that peace and joy now reigned in their once threatened home. Indeed, no Word from God is void of fulfillment!

TB Joshua Ministries

Imagine a child who cannot play with his friends, a student who cannot attend school. Such was the case of Emmanuel Okoro who was born with Sickle Cell Anaemia. His life consisted of falling sick, being rushed to the hospital, receiving treatment and blood only to return home with the same weakness and lifeless limbs as before. His case was so severe that he could not attend classes regularly due to the extreme fatigue. When at school, he found it difficult to concentrate and impossible to play with other children. One beautiful morning, his family brought him to The SCOAN and he received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Little could he imagine that just one prayer would bring a radical transformation in his life. When they returned to their home in Delta, the family immediately saw drastic changes in their son. His energy suddenly returned and did not whither. He was able to bathe himself that night and started playing with friends outside.When it was time for school, he got up and got ready by himself. The days passed and he realised he had not missed any days of school and had not had to visit the hospital. Believing that their miracle had come, the family took their son back to the hospital for a test and were delighted to receive a negative result for the test of Sickle Cell Anaemia. Their son was finally free, in Jesus' name. The Okoro's advised all parents to rush their children to God whenever they face family challenges and God will see them through.

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"One day while watching TV, I incidentally switched to this channel and have not stopped watching it ever since!" - Margaret, Myanmar

Happy Birthday Emmanuel TV!
"I Came To Know Emmanuel TV By Chance..."
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"You can get rid of your doubts by the Words of the Holy Spirit." - #TBJoshua