On the occasion of DHM having hit 30,000 friends, I should probably make a few comments about the page & thank a few people. Decaying Hollywood Mansions was started as a Facebook page over two years ago & it's only a Facebook page. It's not affiliated with any organization & it's not trying to sell anything (although if you bought a coffee cup, t-shirt or thong from the DHM Cafe Press page, it would certainly be appreciated). It started as a personal labor of love & was really only aimed at a few like-minded friends. It's still highly personal & if you're looking for something educational, architectural or more interactive (other than comments that is, which I love), there are now OODLES of Facebook pages to choose from that I'm sure will satisfy your particular yen.

This page is meant to convey a mood, through music, pictures & words. At its best it's a multi-media spookhouse of cinema's past, at its worst it's just me fawning over dead celebrities. If you don't have some knowledge of the history of movies, from the zoetrope through the maverick late-60s/early-70s (I draw the line at 1977, but it's arbitrary, like everything else on this page), you'll probably be lost some of the time & I don't really feel like telling people who Fritz Lang is or where someone can find a copy of His Girl Friday. Once again, I'm sure there are pages dealing with all this in a more rational manner. As for requests, I've been running the page for two years & I've covered a lot of ground in that time, so if you're eager for Rudolph Valentino photos or posts about Steve McQueen, you'll just have to wait for my interest in that to be suddenly piqued again, which happens fairly often. Also, I post in spurts, which sometimes eats up people's feeds. While I'm A LITTLE sorry, it's how the page has always been & it's the way I keep it entertaining for myself. I like to have a couple of bourbons & just let my fancies fly on the internet until I'm sated.

That said, for the most part you've all been a blast & I thank you from the bottom of my lapsed Catholic heart for being so witty, informative, civil & elegantly snide. While this page can seem light-hearted & open-armed at times, at the heart of it is darkness, decay, slander & innuendo. If I could post several starlet or blue boy nudes of shady provenance a day without getting booted off Facebook, I would, so if this things veer from silvered hagiography to foul taste in seconds, you've been warned. While some of you insist on preaching to 70-year-old photographs about smoking & the wearing of furs, I would ask you to apply at least SOME historical relativity where this page is concerned or move on to more politically correct environs.

Now I'd like to give overdue thanks to those who operate all the blogs, Tumblrs, Soviet message boards & creepy nether-pages from which I steal on a daily basis. You all deserve a lot more than you get from me & someday I'll buy you all drinks in Dubrovnik, or whatever corner of hell you call home.

Okay, that's all. I've had a blast & I hope to continue this as long as Facebook holds out. You're all aces in my book & thank you for making this page so lively. I didn't expect it & I don't take it for granted.

-DHM (Charles Lieurance)

A fan site dedicated to the ruins of Gothic Hollywood & the wild & woolly history of cinema. This page is dedicated to June Levine & Dave Meile.