Personal Style Concierges Service\n\nTo become a client and gain access to all of these wonderful items and more, you can select one of our four services. We offer a unique service, we cater to the person who enjoys fashion but would rather spend their free time doing other things. No more shopping tons of websites looking for clothing. We believe that despite the common misconception that concierges work only for the very wealthy, our services are available to people of all incomes. Most concierge services include informational requests, setting dinner reservations, making telephone calls, researching travel arrangements and more, we cater to your fashion needs. We are your personal shopper, stylist, and online retail source. You will have access to all of the beautiful items on our page as well as your own personal style guide.\n\n We would love to have you as a client :)\n\nLink to purchase a service for MOBILE DEVICES and COMPUTERs:\n\n\nHere are the 4 services:\n1.) "ITEM", $45 its for a person who just wants to locate one or two unique items they see on the page or somewhere else.\n2.) "OUTFIT" $99 is for someone who wants to enhance there looks and may have seen up to 5 looks on our page that they want to purchase. (a look is a complete outfit from head to toe). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELECT ALL 5 LOOKS AT ONCE, its up to you the client when you want to shop.\n3.) "BOOSTER" $199 is for a person who is looking to do a mini over closet cleaning. It gives you 10 looks from head to toe.\n4.) "OVERHAUL" $299 is for a person who wants year round service, you can select 3 looks a month for 12 months.\n\nWith the Personal Style Concierges services, the fee you pay initially is for the SERVICE ONLY... Once you are a client you will work with your Personal Style Guide to purchase any of the looks on the page that interest you. As far as; how much are the clothing? We have retail sources all over the world so some items can come from H&M and some from Saks and everywhere in between. We work within your budget to create the looks for you. We can create designer looks at affordable prices or you can purchase the looks as they are displayed. We hope this helps.. Have a blessed day.. \n\n\n