About us

Big Ass Lens is a NYC-based music blog focusing on live concert video and music photography. We started in 2009 with the goal of creating and sharing unique, original content, instead of merely blogging other peoples’. We make 2-4 videos and a few snaps on each post and usually have some content up the morning after if we do a live show. Updates can trickle in throughout the week as we find time to work on the site, so always check back in or follow us on twitter for up to the minute updates. If we don’t update for while, please understand that we have grown ass man jobs (kinda, sorta) that may keep us a little busy. This ain’t our day job – yet!

Who we are

At the most basic level, we’re a group of friends who are into music and going to shows (and especially the free kind). Beyond that, we’re working professionals, musicians, independent filmmakers - you name it. But most importantly, each and every one of us is obsessed with producing the highest quality content possible. Whether taking photos, shooting and editing video, mixing live sound, or simply blogging, we take our roles seriously and always strive to put out the finest quality product possible. The only shortcuts we take are in shiesting the system to bring you the best perspective possible. Basically we throw some mean ‘bows and brave muggy-ass weather or brick-as-shit cold to get you the goods.

Our videos

We want to bring you a unique perspective on the concertgoing experience through photos, videos, and sounds. In particular, we aim to bring quality, well produced video to not only you - the fans - but to the bands we dig so they might have something worthy of their talent to represent them. Simply put: we think most live video that hits the web is weak sauce. Shaky shooting, grainy image quality, and unlistenable audio dominate the live video world – which is what we are trying to mend. Live video and audio should be the focus of a post – nor merely a tacked on afterthought accompanied by bloated commentary. These types of videos often misrepresent the band/musician being featured; our expectations are lowered, and our judgments become obscured by a lack of clarity and fidelity. A great video on the other hand, has the power to reveal the true essence of a live performance and all of its subtleties.

How to reach us

If you're a band in the NYC area and want us to check out your music, or perhaps you saw our ad in PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE (results guaranteed!) and want to PLACE AN ORDER IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES, or if you just want to tell us what you think about the site, email us at