hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Indra Aziz is a vocalist, saxophonist, and composer from Jakarta, Indonesia. His first music experience as a child was from his mother, who was a singer, actress, painter, writer, and traditional west Javanese dancer, Rosita Sanusi.\n\nGraduated from the Faculty of Arts of Trisakti in Jakarta, continued his music study in Farabi Music School (alto saxophone) and Institut Musik Daya (voice & tenor saxophone), Indra Began singing and playing sax professionally in 2001, performing with his quintet. Since his early musical career, Indra sang and played with many Indonesian jazz greats, names like Deviana Daudsjah, Dwiki Dharmawan, Indra Lesmana, Ruth Sahanaya, Idang Rasjidi, Aksan Sjuman, Bob Tutupoly, Ireng Maulana, and Margie Segers. Playing in jazz festivals and concerts such as Java Jazz Festival 2005-2008, Jak Jazz Festival 2006, and Pasar Jazz. Indra also performed with many groups from different genres such as Brothers Of Revolution (Indra Lesmana, EQ Puradiredja, Glenn Fredly, Mike Mohede), Jamie Aditya, Maliq & D’essentials, SOVA, Agrikulture, Tomorrow People Ensemble, Daya Swara & Daya Choir, Opustr3 big band, Pitoelas Big Band and Sore Ze band.\n\nAs a composer, Indra wrote many original music both vocal and instrumental. Indra also wrote a couple of big band arrangements, some are recorded and some written for live performances only with Opustr3 team, for artists like Shelomita (Payung Fantasi, Jazz Masa Kini), Dian Pisesha (Tak Ingin Sendiri, Kerinduan), and Ruth Sahanaya in her 2006 Christmas album “Joyful Christmas”.\n\nIn March 2006, indra released his first single Jakarta City Blues, an acapella arrangement using only Indra’s voice, layered, and improvised, about the big manggo, Jakarta. The single then got nominated for AMI awards 2006, the Indonesian grammy, for “best production in jazz.” In November 2008, Indra was granted with “Jazz Rising Star” award from the Jazz Goes To Campuss Awards Comitee.\n\nIndra Aziz is currently the head of Voice Department of Institut Musik Indonesia (IMI, www.imimusik.com) . He also teaches at the Universitas Pelita Harapan Conservatory Of Music, handling vocal majors. The director of the international Pattimura Community Choir.\n\nVocalist, Beatboxer (Indobeatbox) \n\nwww.indraaziz.net\nwww.youtube.com/slashchords\n\n