Cross-posting Page for Cattle Dogs that are in shelters or unfortunate situations all across the U.S. and Canada

This page is for cross-posting Cattle Dogs that are unfortunately currently in shelters or in bad situations in the U.S.

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Beethoven~Cute cute and cute!-L

This is one sweet little man! Beethoven is ready to play, run, and have a good time! If you are looking for a sweet, fun loving dog with lots of charm, Beethoven is the one. Beethoven is a soft pup; no need for a harsh voice or commands. We think he will do just fine with supervised children 5 years or older. Younger children may be ok in an experienced herding dog home. It is always important that an adult be present when any child is playing with a dog to ensure that everyone remains safe and happy. Puppies need lots of socialization during this period of development. Lack of exposure to new things and people is one of the most common reasons for behavior issues later on. Getting puppy Beethoven out to experience the world is a very important to ensure a well adjusted adult dog months from now. Beethoven is just learning about toys, especially squeaky toys and balls, and he shows interest in playing with them. Developing his desire to play with toys is very helpful in getting him exercised, encourages bonding with his new family and can be used to help train him as well. He also LOVES food and of course that is always helpful when teaching a puppy that he has done things correctly. Enrolling Beethoven in a Puppy class right away will get you well on your way to having the perfect gentleman in your home.

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Pet ID: SHS-A-4524