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Gambled horses uses a certain mathematical code© to discover ANY trying horses IN ANY RACE..\n\nGambled horses uses a certain code© PROVIDING A SERVICE THAT INDICATED ALL HORSES WITH MONEY BEHIND THEM ONLY!..that indicates which horses are best backed and solely concentrates on this for reference. so as a tool towards having confidence behind your already selected horse or using this information to fully select your horse then the code© can compliment any other weapon against the bookmaker. 2 services of early selections 33% strike rate to live selections 70% strike rate..\nif we believe there are 3 triers in a race then there will be 3 selections sent 5 mins before a race after the live opening show! we expect much improvement over the next coming months now our selections method is defined. We this service for a fun only Selections are determined only through the market indicators and is unique in this way as far as we know, we have broken the code! Selections are therefore sent to a clients personal mobile number 5 minutes before the race (sometimes later closer to the off) when busy!...all inquiries should be sent to mobile number listed\n\n