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Akpos Teaching!!!
Fuck” Is The Only Word Which Can Be Used To
Express Many Feelings
Anger: “Get The Fuck Out Of Here”
Anxiety: “What The Fuck Is Happening”
Confused: “What The Fuck”
Curious: “How The Fuck Did You Do That”
Failure: “I’m Fucked”
Love: “She Is Fucking Beautiful”
Lust: “Aah Fuck Me Baby”
Pride: “I Am A Fucking Genius”
Revenge: “Fuck You”
Sad: “Why The Fuck Does This Happen To Me”
Victory: “I Won That Fucking Competition”
By This Time You Will Be Thinking This Is One
Fucking Great Joke

Amenbo Village
Boys are not smiling
It has come to our Notice that INEC on 7th February 2015 by
shifted the Election which was meant to Hold on 14th February
Valentine's day without a Proper Consultation with Boyfriends
Association of Nigeria (BAN).
We BAN want to use this Opportunity to inform Nigerian Citizens
the Valentine cannot Hold on 14th February 2015 due to
Challenges affecting our Country.
The Alert which we receive from NSA, SSS and NPF indicates
that all
Fast Food, Joints, Hotels even Mama Put and under the Trees in
every corner of Nigeria are Targets to Boko Haram.
Please our dear Ladies we love you so much and we don't want
Titanic to repeat itself again.
Kindly stay in your House as our members will also be in
their respective Houses or Churches praying for the goodwill of
We shall fix a New Date for the Valentine or carry
it Over depending when Boko Haram stop bombing.
Thanks for Understand and also pray that Our Soldiers will
Boko Haram soonest.
Boyfriends Association of Nigeria (BAN).....

Amenbo Village
Whats the MOST irritating reply on facebook chat or
phone sms???
1) Hmmmh
2) K
3) Whatever
4) LOL
5) Kikikiki
6) nkt
7)others specify_____