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- Naturally she is a Mum,
- She is a cook of all time,
- A maid,
- A teacher,
- A nanny,
- A nurse,
- A driver,
- A security officer to safe guard her baby,
- A photographer,
- A counselor,
- A comforter,
- An alarm clock,
- She works 24 hours a day,
- She doesn’t get holidays, sick pay or days off,
- She works through day and night no matter all
the challenges she faces and gets paid in hugs
and kisses!
Seriously Mothers are our heroes; cherish
everything you mother does or what she did for
you. Respect and love your mother if you still have
her around.
MUM” if you still have your mum around, And if
she passed away say a Short a prayer for her or
comment with “R.I.P DEAR MOTHER” Ignore if
you’re not proud of your mum.

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Would You Take Up This Offer If You Were In My Position?

I just want to know what you think of this..i went for an interview and I met this lady, I must say she is very nasty and the people that I met in interview room told me that she has an attitude problem. I called them bluffs. Now when it got to my turn to be interviewed, I realized that the lady is just daft. The job was to be market personnel in another city and that place isn’t where I am based. To get on my nerves the firm is run by Indians or these Asians and I must be honest I detest working with them. I have had a lot of nasty tales about them.
To cut the long story short, the lady told me that I will get to another level of interview, after that If I am employed that they will give me a target of 150 million to sell some damned electronic in one nasty northern zone and Abuja. That they expect me to hit the ground running. I just looked at her, I laughed. I asked her what about my accommodation, she said that I am expected to cater for my accommodation in the new place and new town and if I don’t meet up the target the first month that I will be fired. At that point I got so bitter with her nasty attitude, I told her point blank that the electronic product isn’t a premium product and for me to market that product I need to study the market and competitors. As an igbo man that understand business and street marketing. I need to taste the waters. ..

To cut the long story short…I told her that I am not interested in her(their) offer. She was dazed and surprised. Maybe she have been used to people been desperate for jobs and enslaved, as for me hell no!!! I went back to my office. Now the question I want to ask is that have you ever rejected an offer that is ridiculous and enslavement job in from of the interview person?
Let’s talk about it so that those looking for job should understand what dignity and ego means, but this should be only when you have a job at hand.

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I was coming home one Saturday evening after a
hectic day and found a small bag on the ground. I
opened it and behold I found $20,000 inside the
I took the bag home and when I emptied It, I found
some documents, ID card, ATM card and an I-
phone. I thought about throwing the SIM card
away and keep the phone and also dispose the
documents and keep the money.
After a long conflict with my thought, I decided to
leave things as they were, hoping that the owner
would call. Not long after, a call came through on
the I-phone. I picked it and talked with the caller.
Apparently it was the owner of the bag because he
named absolutely every content of the bag.
We met afterwards and I handed him the bag. He
offered me $2,000 dollars but I turned it down, he
asked me my number, I gave him and left.
The next day, he called me and offered me a job at
Chevron worth N750,000 per month, a 3 bedroom
duplex fully furnished and a 2013 BMW X6. As I
was smiling and testing the car, I felt a slap on my
back with a familiar voice which happens to be my
brother's voice saying, “Oya! Oya! Wake up! Your
Eba (food) is ready!"

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Boys are not smiling
It has come to our Notice that INEC on 7th February 2015 by
shifted the Election which was meant to Hold on 14th February
Valentine's day without a Proper Consultation with Boyfriends
Association of Nigeria (BAN).
We BAN want to use this Opportunity to inform Nigerian Citizens
the Valentine cannot Hold on 14th February 2015 due to
Challenges affecting our Country.
The Alert which we receive from NSA, SSS and NPF indicates
that all
Fast Food, Joints, Hotels even Mama Put and under the Trees in
every corner of Nigeria are Targets to Boko Haram.
Please our dear Ladies we love you so much and we don't want
Titanic to repeat itself again.
Kindly stay in your House as our members will also be in
their respective Houses or Churches praying for the goodwill of
We shall fix a New Date for the Valentine or carry
it Over depending when Boko Haram stop bombing.
Thanks for Understand and also pray that Our Soldiers will
Boko Haram soonest.
Boyfriends Association of Nigeria (BAN).....

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Whats the MOST irritating reply on facebook chat or
phone sms???
1) Hmmmh
2) K
3) Whatever
4) LOL
5) Kikikiki
6) nkt
7)others specify_____