address: Duriangkang Bike Park

Update as of 25 Jan 2011 (11pm)

1) ALL RIDERS boarding the 820am and 850am ferry are to meet at Singapore Habourfront at 7am sharp!

2) Please gather at the loading/unloading area near the baggage checking in area. (not sure please look for me or jack nape on that day for your boarding pass and tickets)

Note: Jack Nape is in contact with the organiser if external riders could join the race.

The race fees are yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for all the admin and logistics matter! As usual please indicate your attendance!

Gawean perdana BadAss
Batam Light Downhill Challenge 2012 - Seri 1
(Exclusive Batam Dhers only)
Duriangkang Bike Park - 29 Januari 2012
Kategori* :
Men Open (13-29 thn)
Master A (30-35 thn)
Master B (36-40 thn)
Master C (41 tahun ke atas)
Biaya pendaftaran Rp. 20.000,-/orang
Tempat Pendaftaran : Kurnia Bike Mega Legenda
*Kategori Kelas dapat berubah, menyesuaikan dengan komposisi pendaftar —