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Stephenville Confessions

The Erath County "In The Jailhouse" page should post a list of active warrants too. There is nothing that gets under my skin more than seeing people cut corners, steal, and cheat without having any type of immediate consequence for their actions. Just so everyone knows, you can look up public information on property and criminal records for free online. You'd be surprised what you find out about people you know or thought you knew. It's ironic that some of the most vocal people, putting down others and being judgmental, happen to have active warrants or have had serious issues in the past paying their rent on time, paying their taxes, or writing hot checks. People say that site In The Jailhouse is wrong for shaming people but I am glad they do. It sucks to be the landlord that a tenant doesn't pay until you sue. It sucks to be a business owner and have someone write you a hot check. Or to have a family member killed or seriously injured by a drunk driver. Live an honest life and you have nothing to worry about! Lie, cheat, steal, and break the law and I hope you are shamed into not making the same choice next time!!!