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The PAVA Foundation aims to promote critical thinking, academic and professional excellence as well as social activism in the cause of national development\n\nPaul A.V. Ansah lived from February 20, 1938 to June 14, 1993. His life and work impacted journalism and free speech in Ghana - he wrote about issues that terrified others, and he earned the nickname "Monday Morning Terror" because of the fiery articles he wrote in his Monday column in The Ghanaian Chronicle.\n\nHe stomached no nonsense, and demanded excellence in everything - academic work, governance, parenting, faith, public speaking, etc. etc... He not only talked it, but walked it as well. He inspired and mentored many, across professions, ethnicity and political divides. He was a unifier through the truth. Those who loved the truth loved him, and those who hated the truth hated him.\n\nIf he were alive, perhaps he may have been one of the baby boomers who take the time to learn how to use new technology. I daresay he would have kept a blog! This group is set up to honour the man, and also to see how many generation Xers and Yers know, or have learnt anything about PAVA.\n\nThe PAVA Foundation wants to continue the work of this great man and build on the legacy he left behind. He spoke freely against injustice, regardless of where it was found, or who perpetrated it. He celebrated success, regardless of whose it was, so long as it advanced out collective well-being. \n\nThe PAVA Foundation will keep his flame burning for generations to come, embodying the values that characterized him - Excellence, Selflessness, Bold Honesty and Integrity.\n\n