Phone : 607-227-9602

city: Groton
country: United States
state: NY
street: 41 Goodman Rd
zip: 13073

Dig Safely New York GRIT Racing Series is dedicated to drivers in the 602 Crate Sportsman Division traveling some great racing facilities in the Northeast.

Grit Racing Series
Chris Stevens was a racer that started strong out of the gates last season at the Hard Clay Open. With a great qualifying performance, followed up by a consistent top 10 finish. Stevens found himself sitting towards the top of the GRIT Series standings as we headed to our next event at the Glen Ridge Motorsports Park. The Frank Stevens Roofing #83 continued its steady streak right on through the 2014 season, solidifying a 6th place final points finish in the hotly contested GRIT Series standings. Stevens contacted GRIT officials with his commitment to "crack open a cold one" this next weekend in Kirkwood, NY. Stevens and the #83 will be seeing red this season with an all-new look, as he seeks out the SUNY Canton/Teo Pro Car GRIT Series victory lane.

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