Tagline : Omraj Rajan - Software Developer at Godrej Innovation Center, Mumbai, India

Gender : male

  1. Masters in Computer Application at VJTI, matunga, Mumbai
  2. Information Technology at B N Bandodkar, thane
  3. Computers at Abhinav college, dombivali
  4. Software Developer at Imaginalab Digital Agency
  5. Software Developer at apnaloan.com,
  6. Php Developer at Bluemango solutions pvt. ltd.
  7. Php Developer at Phi Creativity pvt. ltd.
  8. Drupal Developer at Infogrid Pacific pvt. Ltd.
  9. IT APPS Engineer at GSLab
Omraj Rajan has a Masters in Computer Applications from VJTI, Mumbai, India.
Passionate about Computers, Programming, Art and People.

omraj rajan
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