Tagline : resident Socialist vampiress Travel agent prowling for Tea Party Fascist blood + low Hotel+Airfare rates & cheapest discounts to only her very Left-leaning customers. LOL

Gender : female

1. UT Austin
2. Rice University
3. University of Chicago
4. University of Illinois at Chicago
5. School of the Art Institute of Chicago
6. Travel Agent, PR spokesperson, asst manager, Tour Guide, Tour Site Historical consultant at Quantum Travel Excursions, Inc.
7. Client Partner, Travel Agent manager, Itinerary consultant, superviser, PR Spokesperson at Hotwire.com Travel, Inc.
8. Travel consultant, PR agent, Historical consultant at Rand MacNally's
9. Tour location itinerary editing consultant, publicist, Editor, writer at Foder's Travel
10. Client Partner, Travel agent, manager, PR agent at Travelocity
11. Client Partner, Itinerary Consultant, Asst Spokesperon, PR agent at Korean Air

resident Socialist vampiress & Travel agent, prowling for Tea Party Fascist blood + cheapest travel rates & discounts for her very Left-leaning customers. LOL


Heretic Socialist, a real Rebel girl, skeptic, Left activist, Agnostic, libertarian Democratic Socialist, political strategist,

#OWS Strategist, Organizer, superviser, leader & protester, Heretic Left Socialist.

I'm *also* a creative Muse ...inspiring & substantively nurturing the "up & coming" new Left revolutionary leaders and heretic Left rebellious, resistance fighters ...against the Right-wing Fascist (Ultra Conservative Libertarian) resurgence reactionary backlash.

So, listen to me & turn to me tor guidance, recommendations, ideas, thoughts, strategies, historical reference, seeing things from a new innovative angle and to generate new ways to resolve problems.


hey, Googlelians ; 3 ...call me Lyssa or Binky.
I'm a *libertarian Democratic Socialist, skeptic, Sex+ Positive Feminist, secular Humanist, dialectic materialist, folklorist, social Anarchist, coffee holik & artistic eccentric.

ATN *x* i'm Bi & i'm an open relationship "swinger".
i'm NOT a transsexual (sorry guys, yes i was born female. no Y-chromosome. LOL)

& i'm not a lesbian (sorry, gals. LOL) ...but i do date Lesbians, sometimes. not opposed to it ...but i support the L, G & T in LBGT also.

NAME: Alyssa Francina (1st & middle name)
EYES: green smoky
HAIR: long brunette curls/wavy red highlights, to my hips & butt
(Body: 34-22-36 & 5' 3") (6 verging on 7 shoe size) okee, happy, guys?! lol shut-up!

AGE: Timeless, centuries' longevity ...through countless times, struggles, feelings, moments, tiresome eras, city-states, countries, towns, villages, cities, battles, placenames, renewals, disappointing betrayals, collapses, & failures, through plethoras of civilizations, draining challenges and lost causes ...renewed by a new spark of strength and purpose, to continue forging on, once again.
And, always, having to renew myself, change, adapting, renewing myself, renewed and made different, to succomb to each new era and new society that emerged from the ashes of the last ...always, renewing to adapt to the new culture, surroundings ...always renewing my identify, slightly renewing my appearance, my style and following the continually shifting current trends to stay in step.

the dark streets and smoky quarters of London circa 1870's-'90'

...and Londoner's & French Parisian's shifting cultural fads, fashion trends & decadent high society flavors of a month for women's clothing & etiquette, circa 1877-1926, were particularly problematic ...and the changing music. absurdities. lol

*yes, i'm a Libertarian AND a Democratic Socialist. LOL. you clueless young childlike naive Ron Paul pseudo- (fake) Libertarians, Ayn Rand & Rothbard & Hayek Right-wing Libertarians & Anarcho-capitalists ...ask me how. LOL. ...please do ...

by all means ...ask me how i can be both. ; )


NICKNAMES: Lyssie, Mishkie, Bisca, Caspa, Contessa, Boots & Shakes, Princess Binky, Kasperina, Princess Casper, Binky, Bee Keeper; Queen Bee


*~Contact me by PM @ Youtube: (VampiressOnDaProwlq),

and Google Talk: "vampiressnchitownlys"


Occupation(s): (current jobs)

*x* licensed International Travel agent,

*x* professional Tour Guide and a Hotel Hospitality consultant. *unionized (*A.S.T.A. & NACTA)

*x* I'm also a knowledgeable History consultant guide, on tours.

*x* I'm also a C.T.A. or *Certified Tourism Ambassador*.

*x* Antique Appraiser & ancestral Castle Art Restoration Technician. (frescoes, tapestries, murals, paintings, ceramics, et cetera)


Secondary Talents: (inactive careers/occupations) I'm a Slavic, western European & Mid-eastern Language Translator.
*x* Trained folk/cultural Dancer

*x* a home care, hospice & Free Clinic Nurse in-training, volunteering at "Free Clinics"

*x* asst at "Progress Action Fund", a dept of "the Center For American Progress" (Democratic public policy institute)


I'm Similar To:

(1) "Morticia", from the 1960's "Addams Family" TV series. not 90's film)

(2) a character from Grimm's Tales or Van Helsing?

(3) product of a cat + succubus? ; D LOL


Pay Attention:

*x* I'm a passionate advocate of the new "Dune 1984 film-inspired & Naomi Klein's, "The Take" Argentina's Occupied Factory revolution-inspired #OccupyFactories & #Clog-financial arteries of Capital" Strategy, stop the flow of capital, resources, goods, commercial crates from transport ships & all wealth from flowing into major city ports, suffocate the flow of Capitalist blood throughout its arteries & simultaneously #OCCUPY FACTORIES, seizing closed/abandoned Factories, re-hiring fired & laidoff workers without official authorization of owners of factories (fuck authorization) ...and *resuming* production of goods, WHILE the flow of goods is suffocated through major coastal city ports.


"a Storm is coming ...OUR storm! ...and when it hits, nobody will be left standing sipping a champagne glass on Wall Street highrise or penthouse balconies!"


We will suffocate the flow of Spice or Capital or $ ...till ALL EYES will turn to Arrakis ...and the Emperor himself will be forced to deal with us!

"#OccupyFactories", will become the center of the universe!

"the Spice must flow!", they tell us.

We will not only stop the flow of Spice ($$) but we will make they terrified & trembling by our approaching stomping footsteps!


Hi, Tea Party Libertarian Capitalist pigs.
Eat any good books, lately?
^~ ~^
-=W=- Rawrrr!
Socialist kittehs beating the shit out of Capitalist pitbull dogs ...one stupid Pitbull, at a time.

*x* Advocate for Higher Taxes on the Rich Top 1% (70% Income Tax, 60% Interest Tax, 70% Estate Tax, 50% Inheritance Tax) ...I'm a rose with thorns.


*x* advocate for Chronically Ill young singles, the ignored "non-wheelchair" Disabled, who can walk and get around but agonizingly suffer.
...Tea Party Healthcare Program for the Sick:
DIE, SLOWLY! ...unless it costs us too much. Then DIE, QUICKLY!

*x* activist against Ayn Rand Social Darwinist philosophy, Rothbard "Natural Laws" & Fascist apologist historical revisionists like Jonah Goldberg.