Tagline : IMPOWR is a new collaborative online database of information on gender-equality law reform efforts around the world.

The International Models Project for Women’s Rights (IMPOWR) is an \ninnovative initiative to establish a global collaborative research \ndatabase on women's rights under law. It promises to play a unique role \nin supporting the worldwide implementation of the principles underlying \nthe Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against\n Women (CEDAW).

IMPOWR aims to:

--Provide original, editable, \nsearchable and comparable content summarizing current gender equality \nlaw as well as the legal reform and enforcement efforts taking place in \nover 185 countries on 40 specific topics.

--Serve as a hub of \nlinks to numerous other databases, providing a uniquely comprehensive \nand navigable research tool for primary and secondary source materials \non laws, legal resources, law reform projects, reports and assessments \nof gender equality under the law around the world.

--Showcase \nexpert analyses of gender equality legal issues and provide models of \nlaw reform through original articles and presentations.

\n--Link stakeholders, policy makers, legislators, jurists, financial \ninstitutions, NGOs, non-profits, research institutions, project \ndirectors, law enforcement professionals, social workers, news \norganizations, legal experts, law schools, law students and volunteers \naround the globe to a powerfully informed community focused on promoting\n gender equality and development.