Tagline : Broadcast Developer/Executive, Theatrical Producer, Writer

Gender : male

  1. Political Science at Orange Coast College
  2. General, track & tennis at BHCS, Loyola
  3. President (Exec Producer) at IEBC
  4. Founder, Pres/Mgr. at BBC (KROQ AM & FM)
  5. Founder, President at World Showplace Music, Inc.
  6. Co-Founder, VP/Mgr. at Orange-Empire Prod., Inc.
  7. Manager, Dir. of Special Events, etc. at RICHARD NIXON campaigns (various
Operated HULLABALOO & other clubs, Managed & Produced numerous artists & hundreds of Concerts throughout U.S., Canada & Mexico.\xa0

Founded Radio & TV stations, including first major market Alternative Music station - KROQ FM, hailed as #1 Rock Station in U.S. by "Rolling Stone", et al.

Currently developing the book "THE MURDER OF LAWRENCE OF ARABIA" for major motion picture production.\xa0 And writing "CREATING K-ROQ, a memoir of his career before & during his founding K-ROQ.