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Idolbin is a network where you can get the latest information and shares across the globe that are relevant to your interests! Idolbin can bring the world of your interests into your fingertips. Stay connected with your interests and meet with people that are similar to you.
Idolbin can find publicly available status, shares and profiles on social web (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus etc). Information about any person or their status/shares can only be shown here if the person is visible to public search in his/her social network.
The profile you see on idolbin is a unique page containing some of your basic information collected from the corresponding social network (be it facebook, twitter, google plus etc) you are using. This page contains public information about you that this system can find by querying the API(Application Programming Interface) provided by your social network. It may list your name, profile picture, and might also include your public posts and shares on that social network. If you post on a public page, group or a public profile, then that post might also be available here in idolbin search results and feeds.
You can easily manage your idolbin profile by logging into idolbin with your Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus account. If you want to edit/claim any existing profile on idolbin, then you need to sign in with the corresponding social network account to edit the public idolbin profile as you like.
An unclaimed profile on idolbin is a profile that is neither directly created by it's owner and also not already been claimed by anyone. Unclaimed profiles are generally created automatically from third party sources like facebook, twitter, googleplus etc. Note that only publicly available profiles are collected and shown here on idolbin for providing our users the ability to search social information from different social networks. If you find your profile as an unclaimed profile on idolbin, you can easily claim that profile and use it with idolbin to get yourself connected with your interests and enjoy our services.
To view a compiled list of status/shares based on your choices of interesting keywords, you need to login to idolbin and then add your interests. After that you can view latest feeds in your homepage.
You can login to idolbin and from the edit account page you can deactivate/remove your profile easily. If you don't want to login to remove it, then you may also use our Removal Request tool available at Note that the removal request will send a confirmation link to your email address to verify your request and you need to click that link for the removal process to complete. Please note that an already claimed profile cannot be removed using our removal request tool. You need to login using the appropriate network to remove a claimed profile.
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