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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is an American-born member of the British royal family. Prior to her marriage, she was a film and television actress.
Leoš Mareš is a Czech television and radio presenter and singer. He has hosted a number of singer search television programmes, including Česko hledá SuperStar, X Factor and Hlas Česko Slovenska. He joined Česko Slovensko má talent as a judge in 2013. He is one of the highest-paid television presenters in the Czech Republic. A 2014 Forbes report listed Mareš as one of the 50 most influential people in Czech media.
Athletic Club Sparta Praha, commonly known as Sparta Prague, is a Czech football club based in Prague.
Syndrom vyhoření byl poprvé popsán v roce 1974 H. Freudenbergerem v článku "Staff burnout" v časopise Journal of Social Issues. Existují různé definice, které se shodují v určitých bodech...
Dara Rolins, also known as Darinka Rolincová is a Slovak recording artist and entrepreneur. Her music career began at the age of nine, after being cast in the television musical Zázračný autobus. The early role established a formula for her regular assignments as a child singer and resulted in recording her debut album Keby som bola princezná Arabela on OPUS Records. By her late teens, Rolins appeared in a number of made-for-TV films of varying quality, as well as managing to deliver a series of teen pop-orientated albums, such as Darinka, Čo o mne vieš and soundtrack Témeř ružový příběh, all released by Supraphon. Along with Karel Gott, she experienced a one-off success in the German-speaking region in 1986, peaking with their duet "Fang das Licht" at number seven on the Austrian Singles Chart, and number fifteen in Germany.
Něco jsem hledala na webu a najednou na mne vybafl čerstvý článek z Haló novin, v němž se píše, že zástupci pěti komunistických stran (řecké, ...
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MeetFactory is a non-profit organization and contemporary art centre in Prague, Czech Republic. It has four departments and the rest of the program is focused on interdisciplinary and educational projects relating to contemporary art.
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