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I Hate You With passion
Listen to Serenay SARIKAYA-Çağatay ULUSOY Ah Bu Ben (Medcezir Full Version) by merveyildiz #np on #SoundCloud...
Serenay SARIKAYA-Çağatay ULUSOY Ah Bu Ben (Medcezir Full Version)
Listen to Serenay SARIKAYA-Çağatay ULUSOY Ah Bu Ben (Medcezir Full Version) by merveyildiz #np on #SoundCloud
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IV of Çağatay Ulusoy new one translated it!
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Yeni//Çağatay Ulusoy ve hayrani Paris +Çağatay Ulusoy​
Emir&Feriha ''The Second Chance'' Season3 - Rebirth
New IV with @cagatayulusoyy #CagatayUlusoy Çağatay Ulusoy <3 Eng translation! ''Cagatay Ulusoy: ''I eated and tried to buy a plate''
The HaberVesaire from Nil Atila we spoken with CU the new generation about"
We met in a café Cagatay Ulusoy to Yenikoy Istanbul the most popular players Turkey's. Had come before me to make an appointment with him, I think if I should ask a question has been asked before. All answered a long time, thinking. To the extent of course give you the opportunity of admiring the surrounding ...

REP: How they recognise you as ?
Like the best model 2010 you won the competition its was that...
CU: ''I got an offer for the name of the day in the evening I named her Feriha its my first series. Next week shots started it, the series began broadcasting a month after that. At that time I did not realize I was to recognize that 'cause we worked so hard. But after three or four sections, I've noticed that I no longer recognized.

REP: Did you like it?
CU: Of course, a good thing that does not go to who is interested is welcome. Nice to hear things from people you've never met, you feel a different feeling to good things.

REP: Tell us about the craziest fan, what did he do?
CU: I was eating at a restaurant and a fan saw me there, and he called his friends .
Several people came and asked to buy plates and cutlery I eat. This is a very strange phenomenon really, I was very surprised.
"I'm looking at Twitter on my character"

REP: Are you getting bad reviews?
CU: Yes, of course I have also poor reviews. I take into account all, I read the reviews on twitter. I did a series of my character's name after I read the reviews posted on Twitter and written about. According to him, even if I'm missing I try, I'm trying to fix. I'm trying to be disciplined. I can not, I'm fixing to go if there is something on top of her sinking into the eyes of the audience.

REP: How do you feel watching yourself?
CU: At first I did not watch myself never sounded so strange to get used to this process. We shot 80 episodes in Adini Feriha Koydum shape up, but I've seen six or seven sections. There are certainly benefits of self-monitoring. Helps me to see my weaknesses. I am proud of the work we do, a very nice job, I know I develop myself very nice staff. But never, "Well, I was" I can not say. People can develop themselves continuously, day by day I add me to myself.

REP: What would you be if were not a actor?
CU: Market entry was about five years. What I should be done with five years ago, would come to my mind that I acted. What would I do if I had not planned on acting now, but at that time I was giving much attention to basketball. I was curious to coaching, even in my spare time I run a small age groups from us. Sports on the top, but at the same time I could be anything I was always interested in the camera back. So the camera could have something to do with this sector of the front, even if, for example, I could be a cameraman.

REP: What is your education level?
CU: By reading the university. Fondly entry, I love nature anyway. We learn the plants are doing the design, we use a three-dimensional drawing program comes enjoyable. I do not know if I will do this job, but I get my degree, I will probably do as a hobby.

REP: It's not like you're offered a role. The budgets allocated to you too high, you accept?
CU: Acting need to look very professional. Although satisfied with the terms of my work does not satisfy me financially I do morally. I have to be careful. Selective, I'm trying to choose a very good projects, materiality of secondary importance to me. I'm in First case must satisfy me in terms of spiritual, it should not be a no discomfort. I do not keep money in the foreground.

REP: $ 20 million offer if its came from Hollywood as a lead role, but on the Turkis will show as a bad movie ... you will agree?
CU: Although I try to be professional in their own race, I can not do such a thing to my own nation.

REP: perhaps 50 million?
CU: (Laughs) the money nothing to do with my own race, I dont humiliate my own nation, if I do that I will not accept it so I would have to deny myself too. I think me they will not make such an offer as a Turk. Still I dont have yet received the proposal from the sequence-cinema abroad.
CU: "I do not want to talk about my personal life, sometimes you need"

REP: Can you tell the press and the news that cools you in a magazine?
CU: I chose to not talk about my private life, but in some places we need to talk. Because everything is happening in the silent moments we have accepted perception. There are fine lines, got to know the place you spoke well. Or waiting for answers in each case all the money you give you and the people you are staying on the agenda with continuous Magazine. Already it is no time for me. What I want to be in the forefront of business, not where I live with my love or social life.

REP: The case you open?
CU: No, I did not do such a thing until now, in lawsuit did not have a case, do not be.

REP: What are you doing to improve yourself?
CU: I wrapped the instruments these days. I took piano, I began to take a hand drum lessons. I was playing guitar anyway. I think my ear is good since I sang in the series. I can not say my voice is good, I enjoy just that. I've been playing the guitar for myself gives me great pleasure. This year I have a movie project. I will portray a drummer, so I actually started taking drum lessons.

REP: How will the project?
CU: I'll try again with the construction of the Moon. More name and staff of certain non-movie, the script is not finished yet.
It's will be the second movie after Anatolian Eagles. Very ambitious project ...

REP: You have spoken with the beloved Idil Firat ...
CU: Unnecessary news comes out, I wish to be more respectful of people's writing.

REP: What do you do to be as a deceiving lover?
CU: The decision had been done, its not something that I can do after that ,hour I looked in front of me. I do not say anything, you do not said that after hours.

CU: "I'm open to anything crazy"

REP: How would you propose to the woman you love?
CU: What I can say anything because I was too far away to marriage now, but it's a good idea to reflect text hyperlink to the laser. We now come to the ordinary that we sit around, but that so many people who do not have the sea ... I can not forget prepare something very special, and I'm open to anyone that do crazy things.

REP: Mother of the Bosniak, Bulgarian immigrant father...where you were living if you was not alive in Turkey?
CU: As a person who loves the sea and warm I would like to live in America. Los Angeles is full of my head I liked very much to fit, there are very lively places such as the seaside town, the people are very comfortable. And I love Barcelona. I've never been but woke me as I search for a place. Italy may southern parts. I would prefer to live in cold places.

REP: What do you think about the aesthetics of women? Are you against the aesthetic?
CU: I'm in favor of natural beauty. I find I do not have an ugly place, but if I did not think of the taking. Perhaps could need big talk janitor.

REP: The hair for the character you play, if you need financing paint your eyebrows?
CU: I'm all for anything. I'm acting, I just want to make one type of handset or properly, I'll roles due to the costume .

REP: Should your character, allows you to do botox lips?
CU: Persistent not, I make my lips to my role is to be a return.

CU: "I believe that my higher power"

REP: Do you find yourself looking?
REP: I believe that my energy high. Handsomeness is a relative concept, based on who I'm handsome I am not for others. I'm okay with myself, I think it is more important than charisma, good looks.

REP: What do you do in your spare time?
CU: We are working hard, I am six days a week. Sometimes there are gaps in our three-four-hour day. Daytime is blank, we can work at night, it's morning recently. I have hobbies, I'm jamming together. For example, I like to keep fish, go for a walk in the woods, such as bike rides in the woods, I can spend time with myself.

REP: Do you use alcohol?
CU: I'm using in a very special invitation. Already my body because of the tempo is difficult because it is very tired.

REP: Do you play sports?
CU: Yes, four, five days a week but I can not say I do find the time sport. I do not use needles, such as cortisone. I try to keep my body fit. I'm not trying to be my muscle mass augmentation or more muscular, I'm just protecting form.

REP: Who in the series and the players you like?
CU: I love watching the series of land. Series of our own company. I like the tough Tekindor'un Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, I enjoy watching.

REP: Is the number of competitors in its own directory you see?
CU: Our range (Tide) is a very different concept. Currently there are no other series in this category. Appeals to the public. There are stories of both young of both our large (Peace Falay) and have different stories of other players. We tracked by both adults and young people. I do not see it as a number of competitors....
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