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Griselda Blanco assassinated in Colombia
Film Drunk Griselda Blanco assassinated in Colombia Film Drunk If you watched either of Billy Corben's two ludicrously entertaining Cocaine ...
Griselda Blanco, The “Godmother” In “Cocaine Cowboys” Assasinated
If you’ve seen either of the Cocaine Cowboys documentaries you’ll know who Griselda Blanco is. Well today she finally got hers. From The Miami ...
Catherine Zeta Jones To Play Griselda Blanco In Biopic, Why?
Catherine Zeta Jones as Griselda Blanco : Catherine Zeta Jones is set to play female drug lord Griselda Blanco in the upcoming true -story movie ...
Griselda Blanco, “Cocaine Godmother,” Meets a Sudden, Grisly End
Frumpy and short, with a double-barreled chin, she could have passed for the grandmother next door. But no one called Griselda Blanco a golden-ager. ...
Griselda Blanco Dies: Miami’s “Cocaine Queen” Assassinated in Colombia
The Miami Times is reporting that Griselda Blanco, a former Colombian drug trafficker nicknamed the “Godmother of Cocaine,” was gunned down Monday ...
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Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco
Jennifer Lopez Playing The Role Of Griselda Blanco, The 'Cocaine Godmother?' We Could See It (POLL)
While Griselda Blanco's escapades were hardly a secret she was known as Colombia's 'Cocaine Godmother,' after all the 69-year-old's significant ...
Griselda Blanco dead: 'Godmother of Cocaine' behind deadly Miami drug trade gunned down in Colombia ...
Griselda Blanco (pictured), 69, was convicted of three murders, including that of a two-year-old boy, during the notorious 'cocaine cowboys' ...
Narcocorrido - Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco, la reina de la cocaína.
Griselda Blanco "La viuda Negra"
Documental presentado en el programa Aqui Y Haora por Univision en Febrero 23 2014, relata la vida de Griselda Blanco.