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Among the organic phosphine type scale inhibitors, PBTC acid is one of the lowest scale inhibitors. The reason is that its structural characteristics contain only one phosphorus element in the molecular formula. At the same time, PBTC acid has the characteristics of phosphonic acid and carboxylic acid, which has good scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition performance and is much better than other organic phosphonic acid scale inhibitors.

PBTC acid has low phosphorus content and is ideal for scale inhibition. Within the foreseeable range, PBTC acid is still the main product in water treatment chemicals and can be used as a compound or as a separate ingredient.

As the country's environmental requirements become more stringent, the use of more water treatment agents with higher phosphorus content is limited. PBTC acid meets national environmental requirements. PBTC acid is relatively affordable and is a good choice for most companies.