• Basics of idolbin privacy


Idolbin aggregates publicly available information from facebook, twitter, google plus and other publicly available sources. Idolbin collects publicly available social status, shares and user informations by using the corresponding API provided those social networks. Idolbin allows it's visitors to search and view these publicly available information gathered into one place. All the gathered third party information and the data that are generated using idolbin by it's users will be publicly available. For further information please read our full privacy policy.

Removing An Unclaimed Profile from Idolbin

Idolbin aggregates publicly available information from third party sources. Therefore, removing a listing from idolbin will not remove the information from its original source and therefore the information might still appear on other sites and the source.

To remove a listing from idolbin, please enter the URL of the profile and your email address (for verification purposes). Note that only unclaimed profiles can be removed with this procedure.

The url you want to remove. Ex.
A confirmation link will be sent to the address